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Author's Comments:

Pokemontrainergigi, Sep 29 2013 12:04PM
Updated again You get a cover for the comic because I failed and made two Chapter 1 covers XD This one fits the comic as a whole more :3

Spoiler alert, my friendo is a Vulpix *gasp*
Updated the cover page :D
Updated the cover page again!

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User's Comments:

Reply Zelkova, Jun 9 2012 4:47AM
O yea, forgot this was here. You are doing so well with the coloring of the last chapter of your nuzlocke. What are the chances this one will be fully colored?

Reply Chikouu, Jun 9 2012 8:08AM
Soo pritteh :L

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jun 9 2012 10:51AM
@Zelkova: 100% ;) And thank you! :D

@Chikouu: Thank you! :3

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jun 9 2012 4:57PM
@CereliaDrakon: Thank you! ;3

Aha XD I've noticed Eevee and Vulpix are a popular pair XD I just had people request what they wanted awhile ago in a News post on my Emerald site and it got narrowed down to Vulpix as the partner. :3 I don't like having Eevee as a partner because of its run away ability XD

(GAH THERE'S NO REPLY LINKS D: *adds those in*)

Reply Starcat1, Jun 10 2012 12:10PM
Wow! I've never seen something so awesome! I had an idea like this once, but I decided not to do it~ I already love this comic.

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jun 10 2012 3:43PM
@Starcat1: Thank you! :D

Reply Red Spearow (Guest), Aug 3 2012 12:20AM
How the heck did I miss this? Sorry Gigi. Now that I'm here, however, I will post comments on how awesome this comic is!

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Aug 3 2012 12:23AM
@Red Spearow (Guest): Yay! I missed your comments! XD

Reply Miles Hikari, Sep 12 2012 9:28PM
I never even thought about Nuzlocking a Mystery Dungeon game. Hmmm

Reply wugfish, Jan 19 2013 7:42PM
Beautiful as always!

Reply Dragon Master, Feb 1 2015 3:12AM
So, Latias and Latinos teleported her to this new place. What's funny is there is an old friend of a grovyle.

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