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Jun 29 2012 11:11AM Average Rating: 5.00
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Pokemontrainergigi, Jun 29 2012 11:15AM
Yay New Fan Art by CereliaDrakon! 'tis a Vulpix with an afro. Much better item storage (Page 12). Check out the Fan Art page for that (I decided not to post fan art on the main comic and only post it on the Fan Art page).

Ironically enough, I played Sky a bit more last night. While I have yet to venture in a dungeon as an official rescue team, I certainly have enough content to last me a lot more pages XD I'll get working on my epic buffer while playing me some Skyrim: Dawnguard. =P

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Reply ZaxKellens, Jun 29 2012 11:40AM
I have bad news, Dawnguard's pretty disappointing and very buggy, be careful.

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jun 29 2012 12:53PM
@ZaxKellens: I already beat the Vampire Lord questline and now I'm going Dawnguard. :3 It's not that buggy (maybe I just got lucky, IDK). And I am quite pleased with it XD (EXCEPT THAT FREAKING DOUBLE DRAGON FIGHT GAH D: ) But zombie dragon + zombie horse + werewolf perks makes me happy XD Vampire lord is fun, but I don't care much for vampires o3o Only did it to get the achievement XD

Reply SlightAcedia, Jun 29 2012 1:09PM
That face... That face....

She just sees forever...

Reply ZaxKellens, Jun 29 2012 1:10PM
The Twin Dragons of Icy Lake Splosion? It looked fun. I've been watching a bunch of footage and it's been seriously buggy, I'm hoping that by time PS3 gets it a lot of the stuff'll be fixed. The Skeletal Horse of Blazing Fire and the Armored Troll of Awesomeness do look amazing though.

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jun 29 2012 2:00PM
@ZaxKellens: Yes, those dragons. D': I think they're legendary dragons, which I've heard rumors of are about level 75. Me being level 64 =/= fun D': I was able to get them on my 4th try though XD Lots of running away and using followers as bait XD

Were you watching the beta footage? I noticed a lot of that on YouTube (didn't watch it though because I was playing it XD). I really only remember hitting two bugs and both were already in Skyrim. Skeletal Horse is epic though. I love him so so much XD

Reply Haunshaul, Jun 29 2012 3:43PM

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jun 29 2012 3:59PM
@Haunshaul: YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! (aha, accidental vampire lord is you =P)

Reply Zelkova, Jun 30 2012 4:47AM
Last panel should be your new avatar.

Reply Guest, Jan 21 2016 8:10AM
when i played Darkness I kicked both their asses in like five seconds. Because FIRE TYPES FOR THE WIN

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