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Aug 9 2012 3:22PM Average Rating: 5.00
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Author's Comments:

Pokemontrainergigi, Aug 9 2012 3:32PM
Freaking Bidoof You know what I realized when I started sketching the 2nd panel?

That I'd have to draw a Bidoof ._." I. Hate. Bidoofs. ._."

Urf, guild intro time. It'll be quick, and we're getting close to the second Chapter! :D Yay! :3

EDIT: Fixed an error with Bidoof's text. It use to be the same color as Diglett's D:

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User's Comments:

Reply SlightAcedia, Aug 9 2012 3:58PM
Oh... I think I must have repressed Bidoof ever being in anything ever. Now I remember that it exists... Lemme just go clean my brain...

Reply Zelkova, Aug 9 2012 3:59PM
He is the god of HMs, how can you hate him?

Reply sakohju, Aug 9 2012 4:53PM
When I started my Diamond version, I had a level 10 Bidoof that was the first Pokemon I ever caught and stayed with me all through to the Pokemon league. It was my HM slave. But then my Blissey came along and replaced it.

Reply DracheLehre, Aug 9 2012 5:49PM
Bidoof: Useless
Bibarel: Even more useless... It actually GAINS a number of weaknesses! (Geez, not even Game Freak likes the species)

Reply Smashfan56, Aug 11 2012 7:11AM
@DracheLehre: Bibarel actually gains a few extra HMs after evolution, making it an even better HM slave. (Bidoof only knows Cut (and Rock Smash) but Bibarel can learn pretty much everything but Fly (and Defog) so these things are versatile.)
If you mean in battle though, then you're right.

Reply MRZ, Aug 17 2012 4:14PM
I love Bidoof

Reply Qwerty (Guest), Aug 19 2012 8:47PM
Bidoof and Bibarel are amazing. <33

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Aug 19 2012 8:57PM
@MRZ: Well I do have to say, drawing him has made me appreciate him a bit more XD

Reply Doctor_Vile, Aug 26 2012 3:32PM
Bidoof is a personally favorite of mine.

Reply hellfire14, Jun 24 2013 11:07AM
In my Pokémon categories, there is "Like", "Favourite" and "Meh".
There is no room for "hate" or "Magicarp". :P

Reply Pickalover14, May 16 2014 4:44PM
I love Bidoofs their so cute :3

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