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Pokemontrainergigi, Sep 9 2012 6:03PM
Memories~ Ohey look, an update! O:

Yeah, because Gigi doesn't possess the Dimensional Scream she'll just get bursts of memories instead. :3

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User's Comments:

Reply Ninja Kitten XP, Sep 9 2012 6:41PM

Reply SpeedBoostTorchic, Sep 9 2012 7:34PM
Derp derp, derp-derpy derp derp?

(Does this mean that grovyle is Ginkgo?)

Reply AEternal, Sep 9 2012 8:40PM
Why doesn't Gigi have the D. Scream??? :\ I'm curious only because so far it seems like her role is perfectly parallel with the game. If she doesn't, this is getting even more interesting. :D

Reply sakohju, Sep 9 2012 8:49PM


Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Sep 9 2012 10:10PM
@AEternal: Gigi doesn't have it because a) there's no reason for her to have it and b) she's my OC and I never planned for her to have any weird abilities like that. It's a PMD mechanic I can work around :3

Reply Red Spearow (Guest), Sep 9 2012 10:12PM
Yes! Derprill, I love it! I miss my favorite marill.

Reply Thunderbolt, Sep 10 2012 9:49AM
I love how "we'll keep our eyes open." love that songg<33

Reply Zelkova, Sep 11 2012 6:26AM
IIRC derpill was boxed for the longest time and even saved you after you got stuck with no one to surf with.

Reply theawesomeeevee (Guest), Sep 16 2014 6:26PM
:D derpill :D

Reply super guy (Guest), Oct 13 2015 3:17PM
Derpill!!!!! :)

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