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Oct 8 2012 8:48PM Average Rating: 5.00
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Pokemontrainergigi, Oct 8 2012 8:48PM
Yo~ Hey guys! I got Dark Souls. It's fun. I die a lot. But it's loads of fun. And distracting. And I realized Kongregate is linked with GameStop and by playing the daily game I can get points which let me get discounts at GameStop.

Needless to say I'm easily distracted by all this XD But here's Page 59 :3

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Reply SpeedBoostTorchic, Oct 8 2012 11:19PM
I have it too! Prepare to die edition. Title doesn't joke around. I haven't died this much since I first began playing monster hunter.

So...looks like that Nidoran could use a bath huh? Hark! A FIGHT SCENE APPROACHETH!

Reply SkyeHighCreepers, Oct 9 2012 1:28AM
Hurrah! Epic page :3

Reply Shinobi No Mono, Oct 12 2012 9:35AM
Was it the regular Dark souls ver, or the Prepare to die version Gigi? Oh watch out for the dragons for you are small and meaty while they are hungry.

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Oct 12 2012 3:24PM
@Shinobi No Mono: Regular version. It was the only one available at GameStop. DRAGONS ARE SCARY. THE GAME INTRO TOLD ME THEY WERE EXTINCT. SO I RAN UP TO A DRAGON "CORPSE". IT WAS NOT DEAD D': *diedveryquickly*

Reply Sunny112, Oct 15 2012 6:58AM
nice nuzlocke, I Really like this (:

Reply Theunknowneevee (Guest), Oct 15 2012 6:38PM
Derp? Just a thought, is Derprill going to appear after they save Azurill, as in when Marill comes to take Azurill home?

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