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Pokemontrainergigi, Oct 27 2012 2:00PM
Derp Mrf, kinda-sorta sick D: Just a sore throat and occasional headaches. I hopefully will get better soon |D

But anyway, here's another page :3 What will happen to Kiara now!?

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Reply Miles Hikari, Oct 27 2012 4:05PM
Scariest and most realistic looking Doduo I've ever seen. NICE! Hope you feel better.

Reply Shinobi No Mono, Oct 27 2012 4:53PM
caffine supposably helps with headaches, heard it from several doctors, and epic dodou!

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Oct 27 2012 8:31PM
@Miles Hikari: Haha, thank you!

@Shinobi No Mono: Really? I thought soda wasn't good to have while you're sick (only caffine-infused drink I have atm XD)

Feeling...better? IDK Less headaches and less scratchy throat, but I have a runny nose D: /might/ do a Join.Me later tonight. Might. (I'm paranoid about people being behind me while I draw and my roommate has a friend over so.....yeah XD)

Reply iBeebs, Oct 27 2012 8:38PM
Pokemontrainergigi: DAT DODUO. Mother of Arceus, that's so realistic and scary. x3 You did an awesome job of drawing that. (Why can't I draw like yooooou~)

A join.me? I'd be online. (I have nothing better to do anyways. xD) If you won't, that's fine. I understand the feeling of being paranoid of people watching me draw. o3o

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Oct 27 2012 8:56PM
@iBeebs: Thank you! :D It's the first time I drew anything like an emu/ostrich so I'm glad it came out nice :'D

Well keep watch then, because I really want to do one, I just get paranoid sometimes...and I'm playing flash games *shot*

Reply Ankhaa (Guest), Oct 27 2012 9:28PM

Reply TheKometh, Oct 28 2012 4:05AM
Kll it! Kill it with fire!

Reply Zelkova, Oct 28 2012 8:08AM
That is a great Doduo.

Wonder what would happen if it evolved? Would the rabid spread or would the immunity that the normal one have keep the 3rd head from getting it?

Also a great way to show that you can tell the rabid Pokes by their eyes without bluntly stating it, pro technique. Also those black lines, they really do help to make the eyes stand out.

Want to hear a horror Pokedex story? Paras have mushrooms and his normal self. When he evolves his eyes turn white and the mushroom takeover half of his body. You can say that the Paras that you once knew no longer exist at that point, it is simply the mushroom talking.

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Oct 28 2012 11:43AM
@Zelkova: Thank you! And who knows? ;D

What's scarier is the Paras line is based off of a real animal/fungus relationship! I forget the exact name, but there's a type of fungus that attaches itself to ants, then slowly breaks into their exoskeleton and takes control of their bodies. O:

Reply BushidoFox (Guest), Apr 15 2013 11:17AM
Huh seems like we have another schmeegle on our hands (lord of the rings reference)

Reply hellfire14, Jun 24 2013 11:26AM
Literal schizophrenia. :3

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