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Pokemontrainergigi, Apr 12 2013 10:49AM
Woooooo And the combo is finished! Man, I love linking attacks :D

And the first two seeds are:
Violent Seed: Raises Sp. Att and Att to the max
Vile Seed: Lowers Sp. Def and Def to the minimum

And there's still one more seed! O:

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User's Comments:

Reply Zack_seypher, Apr 12 2013 10:59AM
AW YHEA i always use that combo to crush bosses!

Reply ozymandias_jones, Apr 12 2013 1:09PM
Seems a sleep seed makes the most sense, what with that sedative looking gas stuff. I was wondering how on earth you were going to pull off a realistic win, but it seems Gigi is quite the strategist. I'm not sure how she happens to have that exact combinations of seeds on her and knows exactly how to use them, considering she didn't know she would have to fight a Groudon.

Reply Hydra, Apr 12 2013 3:01PM
Before this I was hoping a blast seed but perhaps a sleep seed.

Reply Drakeflame13, Apr 12 2013 3:18PM
Sleep seed

Reply extremeArtist (Guest), Apr 12 2013 4:05PM
That was a VERY clever strategy!

Reply starelement, Apr 12 2013 4:52PM
It's paralysis aka stun seed

Reply Megawott06 (Guest), Apr 13 2013 1:31AM
It is X-eye seed!

Reply musici, Apr 13 2013 8:12PM
I use sleep poweder then bulley seed repeatedly

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