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Pokemontrainergigi, May 11 2013 3:44PM
Oh Wigglytuff His facial expressions are so fun to draw XD

In other news, some new Gen VI Pokemon were released, no English names yet. They are an Electric/Normal Lizard, the "Pidgey" of the region (a Robin), a rideable Goat, and a Fighting Panda. I like 'em all! The lizard is a bit weird though. THE GOAT IS MY FAVORITE <3 Yes, yes, you can ride it. BUT IT'S A GOAT. Goats are awesome :D But I /really/ do hope the riding gimmick extends to other Pokemon and more than one city.

And trainer customization! I really hope there's more than just hair color and skin tone though. Is it really /that/ hard to give us some more options?

Anyway, poll timeeeeee! So if you don't know by now I'm very indecisive and who knows what I'll be thinking some time from now. But for the third run in this trilogy I thought about just winging it and not doing a comic based off of a game.

So questions!
Would you prefer the run be based off of a game or be an original plot line?

If I do a game run which game would be preferred?
>> XD Gale of Darkness
>> Blaze Black/Volt White (harder than BW w/ all the Pokemon)
>>Suggest a game!

If I do an original one, there's going to be 2-3 regions visited. What regions would people like me to try to get in? ANY regions are on the table, and I could make up a region. Unova is most likely going to be in there.

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User's Comments:

Reply Bluemocha1, May 12 2013 11:06AM
Original Kanto region, Unova, and a made up one

Reply shadow7127, May 12 2013 11:22AM
I have a feeling if I bought and played this game, the art style would just be disappointing compared to this

Reply Genkai the dragon man (Guest), May 12 2013 11:22AM
XD gale of darkness. DOOOOOO IIITTTTTT.

Reply breathofsolstice, May 12 2013 12:08PM
I believe it should be a bit of both. Go off a game a bit but offer a more original story line as well; enough so people will recognize the plot line from the story itself, but then the original where things can come as a surprise and you've put in it yourself.

I've always liked Sinnoh, but Unova is great too. Whatever you think.

Reply Lupasolis, May 12 2013 12:11PM
I'm fine with either an original story or another nuzlocke. If you choose to do a nuzlocke, I would have to say an XD run would be awesome. I don't think anybody has done an XD run so it would make your nuzlocke quite unique in terms of setting, although it would be harder to grind until you get part way through the story. As for original stories, I imagine you would get really creative with it and it would be fun to read, plus no one would be able to spoil it.

Reply Guest Name (Guest), May 12 2013 12:36PM

Reply Tiny Dragon (Guest), May 12 2013 12:54PM
XD Gale of darkness, following the plot line a little bit but mostly with your own twist. This is probably one of the best Pokemon Mystery Dungeon runs, especially with it being a sequel! If you can smuggle in a hint to the sequel to this, that would be EPIC!

Reply ozymandias_jones, May 12 2013 1:22PM
I vote Gale of Darkness. It would be really interesting, I haven't seen a nuzlocke of it before, and the whole capturing pokemon who've been shadows could be interesting for character stuff. The starter would be an Eevee though, I wonder if you would be able to play that as some carry-over from this comic. Maybe the human XD protagonist would be a new character, and his starter, the Eevee, could be Gigi, somehow returned from the Pokemon world, but still an Eevee. You could always change parts of the plot so that you can visit other regions for 'missions' to contain the outbreak of shadow pokemon or something.

Reply TheKometh, May 12 2013 1:56PM
XD Gale of Darkness! Story should be based off the game.

Reply MetaFawful, May 12 2013 2:07PM
How about a compromise: Do an original run, but include Orre as one of the regions.

Reply owo (Guest), May 12 2013 2:48PM
what about a nuzlocke of Gates to Infinity?

Reply Gothika, May 12 2013 3:19PM
I'd have to go with an originalish plot and maybe based in Unova and a made up region?

Reply Blazen, May 12 2013 3:42PM
Damn Loudren's poker face. On another related news, my name's in the authors comment (Sortof) :D

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, May 12 2013 3:43PM
Everyone: Thanks for the input so far!

@shadow7127: Well the game is pixel art so XD

@breathofsolstice: Hey that's a good idea, I'll try that!

@Lupasolis: I'm looking for a challenge >:D NO SPOILERS YUS! X3

@Guest Name (Guest): I thought that was the XD face for a sec, not the actually game XD I make that mistake so often X3

@Tiny Dragon (Guest): Thank you very much!

@ozymandias_jones: All the ideas, I like 'em :D

@owo (Guest): Several reasons against it O:
I don't have a 3DS
I don't think there's a 3DS emulator
I don't like emulating game I don't own
I don't really like the plot of the new PMD games
I don't like the lack of all Pokemon

Reply ShadowTwilightMoon, May 12 2013 4:06PM
i vote gale of darkness! best.game.ever.
do et, id love to see how you work yourself into it as well

Reply kennelofdog, May 12 2013 4:07PM
@Pokemontrainergigi: how about fire red omega?

Reply Hydra, May 12 2013 4:27PM
I think you should GO off a game for maybe sinnoh and Unova and then go onto your own region? Maybe? has that already been suggested?

Reply Zelkova, May 12 2013 6:25PM
I think you should play Okami and have Kiara (as a Ninetails) have her own spin-off.

Reply Dromenn85, May 12 2013 7:23PM
Do an original story. I don't care what region or gen pokémon.

Reply andreya225, May 12 2013 7:26PM
have i ever mentioned how wigilytuffs hair thing looks like a pile yogurt X3

Reply musici, May 12 2013 8:17PM

Reply Lupasolis, May 12 2013 9:29PM
@Zelkova: I agree! Or even having her play Okami just in general. That's an awesome game.

Reply lancer1520, May 12 2013 11:14PM
XD Gale of Drakness

Reply Flame Fury The Mighty Charizard (Guest), May 13 2013 12:10AM
XD Gale of Darkness would be cool but it would be awesome if you did an original story. For an original story I would say Unova, Kanto/Johto (Since they're connected), and Sinnoh. The new pokemon are awesome! I wonder how riding Gogoat will work. Elikiteru (The lizard) is probably my favorite. :D

Reply Tehpikachu, May 13 2013 10:21AM
Original of course! Copying the game directly for a comic is always less fun.

Reply Miles Hikari, May 13 2013 11:12AM
I'm good with either a game or an original.... But the chance of surprise death is much lessened in an original...

If you do a game though why not "Sky Flora" A bigger and extensive version of emerald with like 20 new towns, new gyms, and pokemon up to gen 5. It would be kind of like Gigi returns to her own world but a lot of time has passed.

That or find some way to combine XD: Gale of Darkness with Pokemon Snap.

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, May 13 2013 11:20AM
Again, everyone thank you for the input!

@kennelofdog: Checked it out, looks nice but I'd probably want to play BlazeBlack/VoltWhite over it.

@Hydra: Hm, only thing is I generally make a comic per game so I'd rather not want to make the equivalent of 3 comics in one if that makes sense. o:

@Zelkova: I need to play that game XD

@Miles Hikari: I tried Sky Flora once but I couldn't get it to run properly. D: I hear Pokemon Snap is good, I should try it sometime XD
EDIT: Actually, I think I tried an earlier version of it. This looks much more expansive than the version I tried O:

Reply Miles Hikari, May 13 2013 11:59AM
@Pokemontrainergigi: Well if you have any trouble getting it to run, I know of a site where you can just play it right on the internet.

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, May 13 2013 12:01PM
@Miles Hikari: I think I'm going to try it again sometime O:

Reply Foxblaze, May 13 2013 5:24PM

1: I would like either or, original stories are good, but it's also cool to see a different perspective given to something already made

2: You should totally do a Pokemon Ranger (Shadows of Almia or Guardian Signs preffered) run! I haven't seen any comics of that game, and it would be interesting to see the Nuzlocke rules for those games

3: Well if Unova will likely be in there, then Sinnoh and Hoenn :3

Gen 6: Yeah, I mean it doesn't even look like a lizard. My fav so far is Yayakoma~ It's pretty

I hope so too, it would be awesome to ride an arcanine! :'D And with this info being released, maybe they will even have it where when you fly to a city, it will show the actual pokemon you're using!

From what I heard (so far at least) You can change the hair color, skin tone, and eye color, though I only saw 3 different combinations.

Also, this hasn't been confirmed as a truly credible source yet, but an unknown 'insider' has been leaking info, and for now has been completely accurate. But he recently leaked what their english names are going to be:

Gogoat = Gogoat (not surprised with this one)
Yayakoma = Fletchling :/ meh
Yancham = Panchum Not bad I guess
Elikiteru = Helioptile
Proffessor name = Patrice (Pah-treece)

Oh also he says there will be a new type called Fairy, and that's what type Sylveon is, there will be some retyping done because of this, there may possibly be another Mewtwo form due to someone pointing out in the web with a pic of Mewtwo's new form it said M2x so the form might be called MewtwoX, but again, all of this info may not be accurate. We'll find out in the next info release of X and Y

Reply Foxblaze, May 13 2013 5:26PM
That came out a lot longer than I thought ^^' sorry

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, May 13 2013 5:31PM
@Foxblaze: Haha, no problem XD

Hm, never played any Pokemon Ranger games before. I should probably play one to learn the mechanics before doing a Nuzlocke of it XD

Actually when I thought of riding other Pokemon Arcanine was one of the first I thought of! XD Oh eye color too? That's nice :D Hopefully there's more options for colors though than we've seen so far. People in the anime get silly hair colors, why can't we? o:

Hm, out of all the new types I've heard suggested Fairy seems to the most creditable. Would certainly be interesting O: And Mewtwo~ Trying my best to remain neutral on that now until all information is released XD

Reply UltraNOVA, May 13 2013 6:24PM
"Hey You Pikachu" nuzlocke. There is no other better idea.

Reply Foxblaze, May 13 2013 7:08PM
@Pokemontrainergigi: XD lol ikr, I love Arcanine! I've seen other people mentioning Arcanine too, so it looks like he is a favorite for wanting to ride X3c

Yeah I hope so too, it doesn't look like we can change the clothing though (unless they'll add that later) And I'm still not sure if we actually get to pick and choose or if they are preset models.

And the guy even gave some type matchups of Fairy too. It is weak to Poison and Steel, immune to Dragon, super effective against Dragon, Dark, and Fighting, and Fire and Psychic-type Pokemon take half damage from it.

Though there is something that confuses me, because it doesn't mention electric type matchups, and apparently earlier there was an eeveelution chart released and it said to pay close attention to the arrangement, and it had all the opposite types across from each other. Thats what led me to believe that Sylveon was flying, cause it was opposite to Jolteon. However, at the same time, if it is supposed to be flying, then why are they being so secretive about it's type unless it's a new type? I'm thinking either that other person was wrong about the chart, Sylveon is Fairy/Flying, the guy left out the electric matchup, or something else is going on.

Reply Guest, Aug 11 2013 4:28PM
Duskonier gave Wigglytuff the "middle" cause he didn't tell him about the time gear.

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Aug 11 2013 5:35PM
@Guest: That's his index finger .-."

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