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Pokemontrainergigi, May 22 2013 9:46PM
Halo died so I made a comic... So I was playing some Halo: Reach but there was a storm and the power shut off for a split second...ending my sniper spree D: Soooooo I decided it was a sign to stop playing video games and make a page for you guys XD

And fyi I have a job now :D Completely unpaid internship and only a couple days a week but enough that it may have an impact on the daily update spree I didn't want to mention for fear something would stop it like the storm did my Halo'ing. o:

EDIT: Oh, forgot to mention I uploaded 3 Q&As :3

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User's Comments:

Reply coldhotshot, May 23 2013 11:27AM
A halo is telling you to stop playing halo to make this comic. Must be a message from a halo.

Reply Totally Not Gigi's Brother (Guest), May 23 2013 7:24PM
@Pokemontrainergigi: "Sniper Spree." Uhuh... :P

Reply Ryoko Son, May 23 2013 8:45PM
Wouldn't Zangoose be better than Psyduck for the "while goose chase" line Gigi was saying? I know Zangoose isn't a bird, but it does have "goose" in it's name. ^_^`

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, May 23 2013 8:55PM
@SIR COMMRADE BRO: Shutup I was snipering but the dumb Elite had to try to sneak up behind me--DAT'S NOT COOL.

@Ryoko Son: True, true XD Actually, that would even make more sense as the saying means a fruitless search and I'd say it's harder to catch a Zangoose than a Psyduck XD Maybe I'll change it =P

Reply vinsabl, May 23 2013 10:29PM
good luck with your internship =)

Reply hellfire14, Jun 27 2013 8:11AM
Mffl mffl mffff. :3

Reply Dragon Master, Feb 1 2015 4:47AM
Halo. You play Halo. And Pokemon. I love you now.

Reply Derp (Guest), Sep 21 2015 3:30AM
Y'know, from above in the first panel, Meduza kinda looks like that mouldy dumpling I found in the fridge last month... No offense.

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