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Jun 2 2013 11:00AM Average Rating: 5.00
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Author's Comments:

Pokemontrainergigi, Jun 1 2013 9:40PM
Kiara <-> Kara Totally didn't notice that...whoops.

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User's Comments:

Reply SilverJettSix, Jun 2 2013 11:08AM
she looks rabid....

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jun 2 2013 11:10AM
@SilverJettSix: Naw, I just forgot what Cubone's eye color is and liked this better |D

Reply SilverJettSix, Jun 2 2013 11:11AM
@Pokemontrainergigi: oh, derp xD but I noticed how kara has paint on her o3o

Reply sakohju, Jun 2 2013 11:19AM
That is one snazzy Cubone. :)

Reply CallMeKatana (Guest), Jun 2 2013 12:22PM
OMG he really IS Pickle!I totally jumped of joy!XD
Btw that's one creepy Cubone...O.O
I'm gonna have nightmares...

Reply sconic123, Jun 2 2013 3:38PM
Do you battle that cuebone or what

Reply vinsabl, Jun 2 2013 4:25PM
@sconic123: I bet we will find out soon XD

Reply FlameFuryTheMightyCharizard, Jun 2 2013 4:47PM
Hehehe Pickle. What an awesome name for a Cacnea. That is the prettiest Cubone i've ever seen! SHE'S GORGEOUS! She doesn't look rabid but she could be like Starla (I think that was her name...)

Reply Takai, Jun 2 2013 4:51PM
Kara the stargazer?

Reply Zelkova, Jun 2 2013 5:12PM
His name being Pickle isn't much of a surprise but that Cubone did make this page eventful.

I love Cubones.

Reply Lupasolis, Jun 2 2013 5:51PM

Reply lancer1520, Jun 2 2013 10:56PM

Reply Miles Hikari, Jun 3 2013 1:55AM
Now I'm trying to figure out if Pickle really did join OR if Kara is the new member and you just wanted Pickle to show up.

Reply coldhotshot, Jun 3 2013 5:37AM
I got a bone to pick with you

Reply IceColdGlaceon, Jun 3 2013 6:32AM
^-^ >0< lol idk why everyone is excited that the catnia is name pickle? 0-0

wuts up with the paint on cubone its looks awesome on it. :D

Reply laasha (Guest), Jun 3 2013 7:24AM
Awesome comics Hey haven't commented on this site before, but i think all of your comics that you've done so far are beyond amazing. Keep up the good work! :)

Reply Ginger (Guest), Jun 3 2013 7:39AM
@coldhotshot: No, it should be "I've got a cubone to pickle with you"

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jun 3 2013 11:17AM
@FlameFuryTheMightCharizard: She's not rabid, and the Starly's name is Stella =P

@IceColdGlaceon: Read some of the Q&As, I have a cactus named Pickle X3

@Iaasha (Guest): Thank you!

@Ginger (Guest): ...take all my internets XD

Reply Ginger (Guest), Jun 3 2013 1:58PM
@Pokemontrainergigi: I just couldn't resist, the wording was just soooooooooooo perfect!

Reply Ginger (Guest), Jul 29 2013 7:05PM
@Pokemontrainergigi: Also, can I get a cookie for figuring out why you chose the nickname Kara? I was looking up spin-off dex info on cubone (I'm one in Blue Rescue Team and am desperate for more type coverage and power), and saw that the Japanese name for Cubone is Karakara. Coincidence? I doubt it.

Reply Mango Dolphin, Nov 2 2013 3:13PM
Oh my gosh Pickle returns!

And dat Cubone, man. She's amazing

Reply catfire13, Dec 11 2014 7:52AM

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