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Pokemontrainergigi, Jun 5 2013 10:53PM
This question... ...was actually asked as a Q&A by Lupasolis but I needed some filler so I stuck it in here XD

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User's Comments:

Reply Lupasolis, Jun 6 2013 11:07AM
And my theory of Bubble being psychologically damaged is all but declared false now. Still he looks so adorable in that 3rd panel. :D

Reply Ginger (Guest), Jun 6 2013 11:11AM
First off, has either of them ever heard "the best defense is a good offense?" Second, I just bought Explorers of Sky yesterday (I've been enjoying gates to infinity so much I wanted to do another one), I'm a Vulpix paired with a Shinx, and I'm loving it!

Reply CallMeKatana (Guest), Jun 6 2013 12:39PM
Why is there so much adorableness?!?!X3

Reply laasha, Jun 6 2013 2:52PM
Hasn't Bubble ever heard that the best defense is a strong offense?

Reply Hydra, Jun 6 2013 3:48PM
Balance between the two is the way to go

Reply Nekomata-chan, Jun 6 2013 4:30PM
I go with offense! (Even though Balance/Both is best) Kill everything BEFORE they can hurt you- there!

Reply pfenix, Jun 6 2013 4:48PM
@Ginger: We have the same PMD-Sky team lol

Reply coldhotshot, Jun 6 2013 7:41PM
You make shellos look better than they should

Reply Mint612, Jun 6 2013 7:56PM
Hmmm...I prefer defense.

Reply FlameFuryTheMightyCharizard, Jun 6 2013 11:23PM
Even though it's good to have both I never go for defence because I just don't see the point of protecting yourself when you could be using that time to attack and harm your opponent.

Reply Wolfsubzero, Jun 7 2013 5:18AM
None of the Pokemon I've ever used have had any moves that don't do damage to the opponent. Defence always seems pointless to me.

Reply Miles Hikari, Jun 7 2013 11:01AM
Hmmm this explains a lot.

Reply Ginger (Guest), Jun 7 2013 11:02AM
@pfenix: great minds think alike! what are your names? I'm Ginger, and Shinx is Aubrey

Reply laasha, Jun 7 2013 11:58AM
@Nekomata-chan: Exactly!

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jun 7 2013 6:15PM
@Ginger (Guest): "The best desfense is a good offense" is Meduza's stance o3o Sky in my opinion is the best PMD game :D

@CallMeKatana (Guest): Because I can! >:3

@laasha: He has but he thinks differently o3o

@Hydra and @Nekomata-chan and @Mint612 and @FlameFuryTheMightyCharizard and @Wolfsubzero: Tally seems to be mostly towards offense, which is how I roll too XD

@coldhotshot: Thank you! :3

Reply Ginger (Guest), Jun 7 2013 9:06PM
@Pokemontrainergigi: I love it too, but I'm at the oh-my-gosh-I'm-about-to-have-a-heart-attack plot-twist part of the story (if you know what I mean, so as to avoid any spoilers) in my game, and I'm still kinda traumatized from it.

Reply pfenix, Jun 7 2013 11:30PM
@Ginger: My vulpix is Teivan and my shinx is Reijin. I've actually decided to make them into webcomic characters too, so their names are slightly less weird to me now xD

Reply Titan68221, Jun 10 2013 10:50AM
both are very important. Also, love the way the page looks

Reply Chrisleech, Jul 3 2013 1:57AM
Important stata Speed is great since then you can get your hits in first, then offense to make it count, but the most important thing is to have your move pool typed well

Reply Ginger (Guest), Aug 5 2013 5:34PM
@pfenix: Has Teivan chewed a firestone at Luminous Springs yet? It took me FOREVER to find one, but I finally did and went imediately!

EDIT: *and suddenly a huge golden dragon pokes its head around the corner*
dragon: chewing firestone? *in a curious tone*
me: *sigh* no, Aryanath, how many times do I have to remind you that firestone has a different use here than in Pern?

If anyone gets the reference, you can have a cookie!

Reply pfenix, Aug 6 2013 11:39AM
@Ginger: I haven't evolved them since I want to finish post-game ASAP and still haven't recruited Dialga ^^" I've got like 4 secret missions done though

Reply Ginger (Guest), Aug 6 2013 12:08PM
@pfenix: Cool! I evolved both and recruited Dialga/Mesprit/Azelf/Uxie a while ago, but I restarted the game a couple weeks ago becaus I was soooooooooooo bored: I finished the plot, I was evolved, I had all 7 special mission treasures, and I was at the highest rank possible! AND I didn't feel like battling and rebattling legendaries until they requested recruitment finally, so I just restarted, but stuck with the same team.

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