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Jun 8 2013 10:12PM Average Rating: 4.00
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Pokemontrainergigi, Jun 8 2013 10:15PM
My "buffer" died :c Whoops, didn't get it up by noon |D Yesterday I was playing L4D2 with my bro and his friend so I have a better excuse than today which is I have a severe case of the lazies XD

Heehee, get it. Rockbag, dirtbag? I'm Meduza's so witty :D

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User's Comments:

Reply WinterDragon, Jun 8 2013 10:57PM
Do you have Steam?
If you do can i add you as a friend, so we can play L4D2 too? My steamname is IceWolf

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jun 8 2013 11:00PM
@WinterDragon: Naw, Xbox version sorry :(

Reply coldhotshot, Jun 9 2013 2:17AM
I don't think I need to comment on Meduza's awesomeness. But that rhyhorn, kind of looks badass in a more like shadowy way compared to Meduza's awesomeness in her methods and thinking.

Reply CallMeKatana (Guest), Jun 9 2013 5:38AM
Woot!Go Meduza!!!:D

Reply DracheLehre, Jun 9 2013 9:54AM
If this is not a set-up for a disaster, I dunno what is...

Reply TheGreenOne, Jun 9 2013 11:11AM
Poor Meduza is going to get ganked or something...

Reply Ginger (Guest), Mar 2 2016 12:16PM
wait... its eyes aren't red! does that mean it's not rabid?

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