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Aug 6 2013 9:06PM Average Rating: 5.00
Got the website set-up for the battle tournament mentioned below despite asking for feedback on it XD
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Pokemontrainergigi, Aug 6 2013 9:13PM
Urf later but not late Sorry about that, work, family, and the big one: tablet acting up. Mrf. Anyway finally got this done via mixture of tablet, mouse, and track pad.

Listing of characters on Page 264.

And on another note I wanna get some feedback on an idea. Now before you say anything it's a collab, so hopefully it will be immune to my "Gigi can't handle side projects yet insists she can".

Basically I want to know if people would be interested in joining or watching a collab of this sort:

Pokemon Battle Tournament.

Basically battles are done between trainers (you guys) and both trainers switch off on art duty for pages (ie one person draws one person, then the other draws the next, and so on). I would host the tournament, make sure people stay in line, keep pages organized and such, keep track of records, and occasionally participate in battles.

There's more to it but that's the simple version there. Any interest, questions, etc? (and when I asked for people's favorite battle style awhile ago...yeah that was for this XD)

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User's Comments:

Reply FlameFuryTheMightyCharizard (Guest), Aug 6 2013 9:29PM
Awwww Apocalypse looks adorable sitting on Flame Fury's head and Moonlight just looks annoyed like she always is. I dreamed about this page and was waiting all day. I LOVE IT!

Reply lancer1520, Aug 6 2013 9:31PM
Definitely interested in ze tournament :3

Reply Hydra, Aug 6 2013 10:01PM
SO would we take turns like in an actual battle in game? Such as We draw our pokemon doing an attack against the other?
And it certainly sounds interesting and an opertunity to improve my drawing skills....

Reply zoe2080, Aug 6 2013 10:09PM
I Would be intrested in the Collab ^-^ But i can't draw Body anatomy to well >-< Especialy hand's or feet's So don't be surprised if try to hide there hand's or feet's.

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Aug 6 2013 10:10PM
@FlameFuryTheMightyCharizard and @Janobii: Glad you two like it! :D

@lancer1520: Horaay! :D

@Hydra: Yeppers! That's part of the reason why I wanted to set-up this project. I keep telling people that just practicing will help you get better so I'm doing something about it now! :D

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Aug 6 2013 10:14PM
@zoe2080: You sniped my post! XD

Anyway, like I said in my previous post this is partially to just let people draw, experiment, and practice! :D

Reply Hydra, Aug 6 2013 10:23PM
@Pokemontrainergigi: Yeah to start off I'd either have terrible hands or just blobs with a pokeball in them XD
another question are there any pokemon we HAVE to start with? Such as basic forms or are we allowed any but we can only have a max of 6 which are set for the whole comic?

Reply FlameFuryTheMightyCharizard, Aug 6 2013 10:23PM
After a bit of thinking... I might want to try the battle tournament even though I suck at some forms of art. Might as well try though.

Reply evil-Umbreon, Aug 6 2013 10:23PM
I'd totally like to join the battle tournament thing :D

Also awesome page XD I have the worst time drawing crowds and I dunno how you do it X33

Reply zoe2080, Aug 6 2013 10:24PM

Hehe It should be fun :D

I Sniped your Post? >-< If i may ask what does that mean?

Reply GracefulRaven, Aug 6 2013 10:26PM
:'D Mah Spheal! Thank you so much! >///< I lokk forward to this every day/week x3x

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Aug 6 2013 10:32PM
@Hydra: What I have planned is there will be multiple tournaments, each with different rulesets. What I'm not sure (given the time it might take to get through a round) if there will be chances to switch Pokemon between rounds.

@FlameFuryTheMightyCharizard: Practice makes perfect! :D

@evil-Umbreon: Yay! :D

And I dunno either XD Takes forever I'll tell you X3

@zoe2080: Basically as I was typing up my post you posted and I didn't notice your post until after I'd posted XD

@GracefulRaven: hehe, glad you're happy! :D

Reply zoe2080, Aug 6 2013 10:38PM
Ah XD. That make's sense. Well This shall be really Fun :D. Thanks for this Gigi

Reply Hydra, Aug 6 2013 10:40PM
@Pokemontrainergigi: Ok, So time to start deciding....

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Aug 6 2013 10:46PM
@zoe2080: No problem! :D

@Hydra: Well you might wanna wait until the site goes live (it's up, but hidden since I'm still setting up everything XD) because certain challenges may restrict what Pokemon you can use! O:

Reply zoe2080, Aug 6 2013 10:58PM
@Pokemontrainergigi: Are we able to have Charmander's? There one thing i can draw that i love.

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Aug 6 2013 11:00PM
@zoe2080: Again, depends on the challenge! XD But most challenges don't limit the Pokemon selection so Charmander would be available to use for most challenges :3

Reply zoe2080, Aug 6 2013 11:09PM
@Pokemontrainergigi: yay thank you

Reply iBeebs, Aug 6 2013 11:12PM
Moon's looking as fluffy as ever! =3 Thanks again for sticking her in!

Battle tournament thing? I'm not the best artist, so I probably wouldn't participate, but I would definitely watch it! Sounds like an interesting idea, and I'd like to see where it goes and if it will be successful.

Reply wugfish, Aug 6 2013 11:48PM
I'd definitely check this out, and if I can get myself a lot of practice drawing in the near-future, I'd want to participate too!

Reply Zelkova, Aug 6 2013 11:55PM
I may join the tournament later once I see the flow of things. I'm not the type to just hop into things. Beside I been somewhat busy lately.

I want that Charizard hat by the way.

Reply rym218, Aug 7 2013 12:08AM
ahh totes interested in this battle tournament idea of yours~ you could count me in! ^^

Reply Hydra, Aug 7 2013 12:09AM
@Pokemontrainergigi: Ok

Reply inviseon25 (Guest), Aug 7 2013 2:45AM
wow so many characters from other comics X3 your comic is turning out great

Reply Izzolat (Guest), Aug 7 2013 4:02AM
Those Venonat Eyes... So adorable :D

Reply Lisa-Sylveon, Aug 7 2013 4:14AM
Pokemon Battle Tournament?!
That sounds fun!

Reply Iceorama, Aug 7 2013 5:01AM
->Cant draw

Darn. Guess I'm watching from the sidelines :S

Reply Titan68221, Aug 7 2013 5:05AM
lol lucky and I love this page. well done

Reply CallMeKatana (Guest), Aug 7 2013 5:12AM
I'd like to be part of the collab but I didn't understand too well what we're gonna do (lack of English ;_;)

Reply IceColdGlaceon, Aug 7 2013 9:05AM
this is epic :D I would want to join tho and I can draw pretty good too on my team :D btw love the page :D

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Aug 7 2013 9:56AM
@iBeebs: No problem! :D

@Everyone else: Glad to see there's such a support of this idea! I'll probably take today off of this comic then and just try to finish up getting the website ready! :D

@CallMeKatana: Basically people battle with Pokemon (like in the game) and draw the results of the battle. :3

Reply Wolfsubzero, Aug 7 2013 11:26AM
YES! That sounds awesome :D

Reply shadow7127, Aug 7 2013 3:01PM
umbreon? instant badge of approval!

Reply Miles Hikari, Aug 7 2013 3:53PM
My God, Sebastian has learned the secret of De-evolution! He's turned back into a Golett XD

Reply Hydra, Aug 7 2013 4:38PM
@Pokemontrainergigi: So will you send out pm's or just a link here? I presume link here Cos easier and takes less time?

Reply Rainbowleaf, Aug 7 2013 5:28PM
Tournament Is that actual fighting in a game? Like would I send out my White team or something?

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Aug 7 2013 6:13PM
@Miles Hikari: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ I can't read to save my life XD Sorry! D:

@Hydra: Once I get everything done (mostly everything but images are done, and my tablet is broken-ish so...) I'll post a link to the website and people can check it all out there.

@Rainbowleaf: No but it's exactly like the game. Since not everyone has a game/wi-fi I'll be running all the game calculations and handling battle input (attacks, switching Pokemon, etc) via PMs. c: I've done this before so I got some experience with handling battles this way :3

Reply Foxblaze, Aug 7 2013 11:47PM
I would so love to do that! Would we make up a team or use our MD characters or something?

Reply spudwalt (Guest), Aug 7 2013 11:52PM
This is exactly the sort of thing I would gladly take part in if I were at all artistically talented.

That and draw my own Nuzlocke comics. And occasionally do fanart.

My problem is that I have too many hobbies already to add drawing to the list...

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Aug 7 2013 11:53PM

Woop, got the site up! :3

@Foxblaze: You'd make up a team :3

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