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You know you forgot about her. 

Basically she's much more reserved in the future world and, while she still speaks in riddles, doesn't stand out too much. She also wears her camouflage paint shown earlier so she just blends into the background even more. 

So technically she's more at home in the present world.
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Author's Comments:

Pokemontrainergigi, Sep 22 2013 11:35PM
Shit's going down! O: Kara's finally back (though very much not her usually self!). And if you recall Gigi's leg was fixed and metal was implanted in her leg to keep her bone stable. Magnemite (being a living magnet) was able to track that.

On another note IT'S MAH BIRTHDAY :D No extra page because you guys just got one and I want the story to get moving. I keep pausing during this chapter's climax! O:

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User's Comments:

Reply kennelofdog, Sep 23 2013 11:11AM
Happy birthday again and called it

Reply Linkziken, Sep 23 2013 11:14AM
And is it me, or are Teryx and Ginkgo a slightly darker shade of green?

Reply Chikouu, Sep 23 2013 11:19AM
Aaaah, happy birthday :D

Reply FortheTrue (Guest), Sep 23 2013 11:55AM
Happpy birthday :D!!

Reply Luigi_96, Sep 23 2013 12:00PM
Happy birthday again!

Also, Uh-oh, I think Kara's gonna die! D:

Reply Mujaffa, Sep 23 2013 12:04PM
oooooh happy birthday! GET ALL THE NICE THINGS! AMMMiright?
nuuu nuuu nuunununununununu NOooooOoo~ that cubone better make it!

Reply Foxblaze, Sep 23 2013 12:04PM
Break free Kara! You can do it!

Reply Lupasolis, Sep 23 2013 12:15PM
Kara looks strange without her paint job, probably because I'm just so use to seeing her have one.

Anywho, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIGI!!!! I know I already wished you a happy birthday earlier, but still! :D

Reply wugfish, Sep 23 2013 12:35PM
Happy birthday!! I would offer cake, but (insert over-used Portal joke so I don't have to actually say it).

Once again I am amazed at your ability to bring the PMD story even more to life. The tension here feels even worse than it did at this point in the game

Reply Dragongirl101, Sep 23 2013 1:18PM
Happy birthday!!! Another year of living!! Too bad Kara won't make it- I mean-*cough* *cough* YOU CAN DO IT KARA!! >8O

Reply CallMeKatana (Guest), Sep 23 2013 1:31PM
Happy birthday~

Reply DaringDestiny, Sep 23 2013 1:46PM
Happy Birthday!

Reply Hydra, Sep 23 2013 2:21PM
Happy birthday
Go home auto correct, your drunk, it almost had me put birds day

Reply 121GWJolt (Guest), Sep 23 2013 2:30PM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Here's hoping that everything's gonna be alright!

Reply hellfire14, Sep 23 2013 2:50PM
Aww! Happy birthday! Hope it was a good day! :D
But poor Eevee Gigi has to deal with a hostage situation on her birthday. :(

Reply evil-Umbreon, Sep 23 2013 3:07PM
D: Oh NOOOOOO Poor Kara!

And Gigi looks so sad and upset Q^Q

Also, happy birthday~ >w<

Reply Ginger (Guest), Sep 23 2013 4:28PM

Reply Melody-Pika, Sep 23 2013 4:37PM
And also happy birthday

Reply sakohju, Sep 23 2013 4:51PM
Happy Birthday! :D

Reply Zelkova, Sep 23 2013 5:00PM
Happy B-Day.

Reply Neko (Guest), Sep 23 2013 6:21PM

Reply Grassy (Guest), Sep 23 2013 7:21PM
Happy birthday~

And whoo mind control! XD

Reply sconic123, Sep 23 2013 8:47PM
Happy birth day :)

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Sep 23 2013 10:38PM
@kennelofdog, @Linkziken, @Chikouu, @FortheTrue, @Luigi_96, @Mujaffa, @Lupasolis, @wugfish, @Dragongirl101, @CallMeKatana, @DarlingDestiny, @Hydra, @121GWJolt, @hellfire14, @evil-Umbreon, @Janobii, @SilverLunarwing, @Ginger, @Melody-Pika, @sakohju, @Zelkova, @Neko, @Grassy, @sconic123: Thank you very much everyone! :'D

@Linkziken: Naw they're always that shade O:

@Mujaffa: Hehe I got some good stuff. Best of all though, my friend is getting me a Mewtwo plush :'D

@Lupasolis: Yeah she looks strange to me too XD And you win for timing =P (well actually I won, but shush ;D)

@wugfish: Haha I did get cake >:D It wasn't a lie! >:3 And thank you! It's hard for me to judge emotion since I know what's coming so I'm glad the tension is felt! :'D

@Hydra: Oh silly auto correct XD It's not birds day.

@hellfire14: Reminding me I should set a birthday for my characters O.o

Reply Hydra, Sep 24 2013 4:18AM
@Pokemontrainergigi: I already have one :P

Reply Linkziken, Sep 24 2013 6:54AM
@Pokemontrainergigi: Well, I did first look at this page on a different computer. :p
On my tablet, they look yellow-green. On the computers at school, they look like the colours on Sceptile's BW sprite. :B

Reply Wolfsubzero, Sep 24 2013 7:15AM
Happy birthday!

*throws sparkly things, because sparkly things are cool*

Reply IceColdGlaceon, Sep 24 2013 12:17PM
I can tell this is not gonna be good :O

Reply 121GWJolt (Guest), Sep 24 2013 3:38PM
...THERE'S MORE!!! *shot*

Kara be possessed!

Reply Ryan (Guest), Sep 25 2013 9:06PM
A depressing page on your birthday, really

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