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Nov 4 2013 10:56PM Average Rating: 5.00
Bubble doesn't want to admit it but he likes hugs. He doesn't get hugged much :c
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Author's Comments:

Pokemontrainergigi, Nov 4 2013 10:59PM
PAGE *throws*

Kinda wish I'd swapped Bubble with someone else but really Stella and Cabbage would do a better job of spreading the word of the Time Gears, and possibly collecting some, than Bubble.

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User's Comments:

Reply Luigi_96, Nov 4 2013 11:13PM
Throwing more comics? Will you be throwing more mewtwos? xD

Reply Linkziken, Nov 5 2013 6:52AM
*throws comment*

Reply Takai, Nov 5 2013 8:05AM
~throws Bubble~

Reply andreya225, Nov 5 2013 8:18AM
*throws time gear*

Reply MoogleSam, Nov 5 2013 8:44AM
*Throws Gigi*

Reply Epsog (Guest), Nov 5 2013 9:40AM
*Throws everyone else*

Reply Syogren, Nov 5 2013 1:32PM
AND NOW I AM CAUGHT UP. Now I have to wait like normal people.

Welp, keep up the good work!

Reply lancer1520, Nov 5 2013 2:12PM
*Throws self*

Reply Ginger (Guest), Nov 5 2013 2:13PM
*sees that Kiara's health is low, and throws an Afire Collar (or something like that, I forget the exact name)!!!* now quick bubble, use a water move on her!

Reply Lady Darkrina, Nov 5 2013 3:42PM
*simply stands in a corner watching everyone throw things* Combo breaker muhahaha! Anyway but yeah, you know sometimes the mind just stops thinking since it thinks too much xD

Aww that is so cute though Gigi huggling Bubles^^

Reply spudwalt (Guest), Nov 5 2013 3:59PM
*throws up*

Mewtwo: "No."

Reply hellfire14, Nov 5 2013 4:05PM
*Throws feels*

Reply KiwiCanFly, Nov 5 2013 4:24PM
//throws things because everyone else is throwing stuff//

Reply troblsomtwins829, Nov 5 2013 5:36PM
BUBBLE! :D In Pokemon: Diamond, I caught a male pink Shellos. I named him Bubble.

thank you for awesomeness, lol

Reply Mango Dolphin, Nov 6 2013 8:26PM
*throws throws*

Reply ultrawing, Nov 7 2013 6:12PM
*throws disco omastar*

Reply Ginger (Guest), Nov 8 2013 5:26PM
*Also throws Hidden Land, five time gears, Lapras, and Temporal Tower. Then throws balloons, streamers, confetti, cake, ice cream, gummies, COOKIES, and everything else needed for a save-the-world-and-back-from-the-future party!!!*

Reply Mango Dolphin, Nov 9 2013 8:16PM
*throws sworht*

Reply Koren, May 24 2014 9:55AM
I bet Bubble's feeling kinda awkward right now.

Reply Ginger (Guest), Jun 10 2014 11:01AM
*Also throws mewtwo*

Reply Derp (Guest), Sep 24 2015 7:21PM
I know I'm like, late for the throwing party but *throws phone* WAIT WRONG THING SHIT-

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