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Nov 10 2013 2:27PM Average Rating: 5.00
Last time there was a Xatu monologue there was a timeskip. This won't won't be as drastic :U
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Author's Comments:

Pokemontrainergigi, Nov 10 2013 2:53PM
XATU AGAIN Xatu doing his monologuing thing again.

And I really wanna do something more with that paper-cut-out style. I don't use it often, but when I do I end up really loving it |D I don't know if it's just me or what

Though it's interesting to note there's basically 4 different styles on this page. o:

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User's Comments:

Reply shadow7127, Nov 10 2013 3:00PM

Reply Grassy (Guest), Nov 10 2013 3:02PM
Last panel, I do believe you meant "fulfill" :3

Hmm, Xatu, with darkness? I vote crazy psychic bird! ...Because that would be awesome.

And yes, I agree. The paper-cut-out style is really nice!

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Nov 10 2013 3:03PM
@shadow7127: And I just realized I am pronouncing fulfill so wrong XD Fixed!

@Grassy: NINJA!
And thank you!

Reply Mujaffa, Nov 10 2013 3:11PM
PFFFFF! one style is to mainstream! next page there will be induvidual styles for each frame! AMMIRITE!?
------- line o'serious --------
i like this page though!

Reply Dragongirl101, Nov 10 2013 5:28PM
Kiara hair grew out :o.....
I neva noticed b4...

Reply Quinis, Nov 10 2013 6:22PM
The paper cut-out style is really nice

Reply 121GWJolt (Guest), Nov 10 2013 6:54PM
"The darkness is losing its grip on me"...?

Well, I figured that there was some underlying reason to this.

Reply Luigi_96, Nov 10 2013 7:21PM
Love that paper style. :B

Reply Linkziken, Nov 10 2013 8:58PM
The last pane is what people on Colours would call "acid style". :U

Reply EmilyAnnCoons, Nov 11 2013 12:42AM
I love the paper-cut out style thing so much! I love seeing people use it! I wonder what a comic would be like made entirely like that...

Reply Zelkova, Nov 11 2013 3:16AM
@EmilyAnnCoons: Paper style is nice but I still think the cartoony look on this page: http://giginuzlocke2.smackjeeves.com/comics/1817731/page-303/#comic would be nice for a more funny lighthearted comic.

Honestly I wouldn't mind any style as they are all well done.

Reply hellfire14, Nov 11 2013 6:37AM
Yay! Seperate art styles! 030

Reply Wolfsubzero, Nov 11 2013 1:16PM
I love this style! It's awesome!

Reply Lady Darkrina, Nov 11 2013 2:51PM
I really like this paper cut style, it really reminds me of Kungfu panda for some reason xD. And nice work as usual^^

Reply Ginger (Guest), Nov 11 2013 5:14PM
@Lady Darkrina: It reminds ME of Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

Reply Lady Darkrina, Nov 12 2013 10:27AM
@Ginger: Oh is that so?^^ Or is it because you saw my zelda avi just now? xD

Reply Ginger (Guest), Nov 12 2013 4:34PM
@Lady Darkrina: I didn't even notice until you mentioned it. XD

Reply Lady Darkrina, Nov 13 2013 6:18AM
@Ginger: Ha ha ha c:

Reply Linkziken, Nov 14 2013 8:57PM
@Ginger: Reminds me of TLoZ: Phantom Hourglass and Epic Battle Fantasy IV. :p

Reply Miles Hikari, Nov 17 2013 9:13AM
That paper cut out style is..... I love it.

Reply Ginger (Guest), Dec 10 2013 11:18PM
@Linkziken: Actually, Phantom Hourglass is a sequel to Wind Waker, so we were basically thinking of the exact same thing!

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