[Chapter] 9 -Maelstrom

Jan 6 2014 7:15PM Average Rating: 5.00
"Did everyone see that? Because I will *not* be doing it again."
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Author's Comments:

Pokemontrainergigi, Jan 6 2014 6:02PM
Maelstrom is a fun word For those that don't know a maelstrom "is a very powerful whirlpool". But welcome to Chapter 9! Good to be art-ing again :D Despite working on at least a page and an extra I still feel like I haven't done art in forever XD

Theme change as well! We went from a daylight, (to "future") to sunrise, to twilight. I'm good at this. Also removed the auto-jump to comic. It's good when you want to look at the comic page for the first time but it's annoying otherwise.

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User's Comments:

Reply Luigi_96, Jan 6 2014 8:14PM
Ooh, this looks fun.

Reply thedragonslayr, Jan 6 2014 8:45PM
awww they look so cute when they are FALLING TO THIER DOOM

Reply wugfish, Jan 6 2014 9:33PM
*sigh* And this why Gigi said, "Fly, you fools!" Now they all have to fight the Balrog...

Reply Lottos35, Jan 7 2014 12:49AM
anyone thinking the part with chatot is coming?

Reply Zeldafan2000, Jan 7 2014 1:58AM
I don't understand what the alt text means XD i is confuzzled

Reply Epsog (Guest), Jan 7 2014 7:11AM
This is nothing, it's just the beginning of the end.(By the way great page Gigi, like always)

Reply Lady Darkrina, Jan 7 2014 8:03AM
Heh heh, the way they're practically dying xD Nice page as usual.

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jan 7 2014 10:55AM
@thedragonslayr: They do look so adorable c:
@Epsog: That was one of the title ideas! O:
@Zeldafan2000: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mw-1vEbbyUE I've been playing LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean and there's an achievement of that name for jumping into the Maelstrom (also where I got the title idea from |D)
@Epsog, @Lady Darkrina: Thank you!

Reply Mango Dolphin, Jan 7 2014 2:41PM
The light! IT BUUUUURNS!

Reply Zelkova, Jan 7 2014 2:49PM
Changed my avatar as you can clearly see if you didn't noticed it before. You took the time to do it so I thought I should at least use it for a while on SmackJeeves as well.

I already knew what Maelstrom was because it is the name of a marking on a game that I play. Hard to explain but yea. http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/Angel185_2862.jpg

There even a song in the game named after it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5O-iWvHWGpA

Reply thedragonslayr, Jan 7 2014 8:55PM
awesome @Zelkova:
I love your avatar
so cute
I think I might get one like it as well

Reply Epsog (Guest), Jan 7 2014 9:01PM
@Pokemontrainergigi: You are welcome.
I can imagine what would say the elevatorĀ“s buttons, "first: floor, linen, appliances and gardening, second floor: clothes for men, women and children; basement: fall to your doom. watch your step"

Reply Zeldafan2000, Jan 7 2014 9:43PM
@Pokemontrainergigi: Ah ok. Thanks for clarifying! Lol oh Jack Sparrow. You and your shenanigans XD

Reply Ginger (Guest), Jan 7 2014 9:55PM
A thousand things want to flow out of my mind at once:
-this is my first comment using my new BLUE laptop computer
-awesome page
-where's Teryx
-"Maelstrom" is the name of a ride in Disneyworld epcot
-I've been wondering for a while, will the, erm, incident, at the Old Ruins effect Ginkgo, Teryx, or both?

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jan 7 2014 9:59PM
@Ginger: 1. Yay :D
2. Thank you c:
3. When did I say which Grovyle this was? ;D Ginkgo has the scar on her left side (which is not shown here), while Teryx's leaf cut would be off the page
4. Been awhile since I've been to a Disnayland/world O:
5. You'll have to wait and see!

Reply Ginger (Guest), Jan 8 2014 7:21AM
I was just guessing based on facial expression @Pokemontrainergigi: 3. then where is Ginkgo?

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jan 8 2014 9:19AM
@Ginger: When did I say it was Ginkgo? *shot* |D

Reply Ginger (Guest), Jan 8 2014 10:20AM
@Pokemontrainergigi: If you don't stop avoiding the question, I'm going to change into Axew, use six dragon dances, a focus energy, then a huge brick break.

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jan 8 2014 10:39AM
@Ginger: ...when did I say it was a Grovyle *dead* XD

Reply Ginger (Guest), Jan 8 2014 1:15PM
to quote the band director i had before i graduated... @Pokemontrainergigi: "you're fired"

Reply Zachire, Jan 9 2014 7:45AM
@Lottos35: And they SHALL NOT PASS until they win...

Reply hellfire14, Jan 13 2014 6:14AM
Dose eyes, Kiara. Dose eyes. XD

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