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That's a dark cave o3o
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Pokemontrainergigi, Jan 10 2014 11:12AM
I could make some comment on the page OR I COULD RANT ABOUT MY NEW 3DS <3 And by rant I mean just mention I have it. I only got it a few minutes ago so it's charging for the first time c: (it'ssocute) For those that didn't hear I ordered a Blue 3DS but it was defective. So I sent it back and got a refund and got a new one (Red).

So as soon as that's charged and set up...POKEMON Y ADVENTURE!!! I'll post my friend code next comic update. So I remember to update this and I get some progress in XY

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User's Comments:

Reply Luigi_96, Jan 10 2014 12:20PM
Ooh, mysterious~!

Reply Hydra, Jan 10 2014 12:28PM
@Pokemontrainergigi: remember that we have top give you our friend code as well otherwise it won't work

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jan 10 2014 12:39PM
@Hydra: Yeah but if I only mentioned I had a 3DS and Pokemon Y I assume people would be posting their friend codes all over here thinking I'd post mine. So I want to stave that off until I can actually post mine.

Reply Wolfsubzero, Jan 10 2014 2:02PM
Have you played the AR games yet? They're awesome!

Reply Mango Dolphin, Jan 10 2014 5:47PM
Red 3DS? I have one too! What do you plan doing with Pokemon X and Y?

Reply Foxblaze, Jan 10 2014 9:18PM
I have the special edition red x and y 3sdxl. And a normal red 3dsxl. and I bought my sis the blue x and y 3ds xl ;w;

Reply Wolfsubzero, Jan 11 2014 5:26AM
@Foxblaze: Argh! You're so lucky - Tesco was the only place I could find that sold it and they were permanently out of stock :(
I got the blue one instead and I'm planning on making a cover for it (although blue is pretty snazzy).

Reply Zeldafan2000, Jan 11 2014 9:14AM
I got a black 3ds last January. But once the Zelda 3ds xl came out back in November, I sold the black one to a friend and bought the Zelda one. I love it. It's my baby lol (I know. I has no life XD)

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jan 11 2014 11:46AM
@Wolfsubzero: Not yet-POKEMANZ
@Mango Dolphin: I plan on playing it...? XD
@Foxblaze: I almost got one but I had tons of Amazon gift cards from the holidays and the special Pokemon 3DSs were over priced on Amazon :c

Reply Lady Darkrina, Jan 12 2014 7:43AM
I simply have a plain white 3ds xl buut I'm happy with it anyway hee hee ^_^

Also congrats to see that you finally got a 3ds Gigi :3

Reply L. Eciv (Guest), Jan 12 2014 2:16PM
Nice pick up. I had to settle on getting a 2DS (red). Its gets the job done though. Don't forget about the Torchic event. You don't have to use it, but the Mega Stone is nice.

Reply spudwalt (Guest), Jan 13 2014 3:22AM
I went for a 2DS myself. No weird parallax 3D effect thingy.

Have fun with der Pokeymanz!

Reply hellfire14, Jan 13 2014 6:16AM
There would be a load others, Kiara, but Gigi's plotline is different to the original story. :P
...I want a 3DS...I feel all left out... Q__Q

Reply Mango Dolphin, Jan 13 2014 7:17PM
@Lady Darkrina: A WHITE one? That actually sounds... awfully pretty! I wanted a pink 3DS but beggars can't be choosers

Reply Lady Darkrina, Jan 14 2014 6:15AM
@Mango Dolphin: Mmm, true heh heh, I mean I actually would've liked a different colour too but, white's still a nice colour :3

And at least you got something to suit the eye and mane colour of your pony xD ^_^ I'm actually liking the design to it even though I haven't seen it in full it's pretty cute ^^

Reply HKim, Jan 14 2014 10:56PM
Congrats on your new 3DS!

Reply Dragon Master, Jun 16 2015 5:05PM
Really late, but I have two black 3DSes, one with the OoT shell, and plain (thank Arceus for used stuff places!).

Reply Derp (Guest), Sep 24 2015 11:57PM
I know I'm as late as fuck, but I gotta say that you're all very lucky. I haven't gotten a new DS in five years! Actually, I have two, but one broke and it's pink (why pink) and the other one is like five years old and I don't want it to die on me. *cries*

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