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Apr 9 2014 10:15PM Average Rating: 5.00
This isn't the animated version, that's below~
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Pokemontrainergigi, Apr 9 2014 10:38PM
REAL PAGE Is finally here! The animated version I speak of is right here (click this). It was too big for Smackjeeves so I figured it might be a good idea to link it rather than bypass SJ's limit because it might lag some peeps comps, I dunno. But MRF PHOTOSHOP IS NOT FOR ANIMATIONS snfsjkdfjhksjdhfg I was planning on adding more (like clouds) but to do that I'd need to do x100 the amount of work I'd need to do if I set this up in Flash so I just gave up OTL Maybe I'll try to get it in Flash and fix it up...maybe.

Also not sure what I'm gonna do with the April Fool's page. Usually I move extras to the front of the comic, then after a month or so move them to the extras page. But it'll lose all meaning in there rather then running into it as it was meant to be run into. I dunno, for now it'll sit where it's "suppose" to show up~

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Reply Lupasolis, Apr 9 2014 10:45PM
And so begins our heroes' journey to the Hidden Land. What adventures await them? What will become of our heroines as they brave the unknown? What secrets will they discover? Will they be able to stop time from freezing? Or will they be be lost, forgotten in a land so far from home? Tune in next week to find out!

Reply 121GWJolt (Guest), Apr 9 2014 10:56PM
"Are we there yet?" Hooray! Gigi's journey is back for reals this time!

Reply Luigi_96, Apr 9 2014 11:08PM
Ooh, that looks nice!
Only thing you didn't mention in "fixing it up" would be making Ginkgo's leaf flutter in the breeze.
Although maybe you were already planning that, not sure.

Reply Foxblaze, Apr 10 2014 12:32AM
idk which I like more, the animation or the 'rainbow' effect here

Reply wugfish, Apr 10 2014 1:21AM
ooh, both the image and the animation are gorgeous... ^^

Reply Wolfsubzero, Apr 10 2014 4:03AM
Ahhhhh, the beauty, the beauty, my eyyyyeeeesssss....!

Reply Lady Darkrina, Apr 10 2014 5:36AM
Well I think I like both to be honest ^^

Reply Zelkova, Apr 10 2014 9:51AM
@Pokemontrainergigi: You should leave the joke where it is imo. Like it is a legit comic page, just not canon. If you do leave it then you should also leave the Eevee being a butt page as well explaining it as some people may not read the comments.

Reply Syogren, Apr 10 2014 7:48PM
The image and animation are gorgeous, honestly. Also, leave the April Fools page where it is to trip people up. I know from experience that torturing viewers is fun.

Reply Zeldafan2000, Apr 11 2014 1:48AM
MY EYES!!! MY EYES!!! (insert picture of fish having his eyes burned here) But this burning is cuz of beauty! You truly are an amazing artist. After how it started in emerald, your artwork has only improved, and it's incredible. You've done a great job at the art work, and mixing up the story a bit to give it your own little touch and keeping the readers interested. Keep up the great work Gigi, and may the Shwartz be with you! (sorry. watched spaceballs before this xD)

Reply a-demon-soul, Apr 12 2014 7:46AM
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
The animation is soooo Pretty and amazing <3

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Apr 12 2014 3:14PM
@Luigi_96: Yeah that among other ideas too ;D
@Foxblaze: I'm in the same boat as you!
@wugfish, @Wolfsubzero, @Lady Darkrina, @Zeldafan2000, and @a-demon-soul: Thank you very much guys!
@Zelkova and @Syogren: Yeah that's what I think I'm gonna do c:

Reply ThawingHope, Aug 23 2015 2:45AM
*Dies of awe* Yes, one can die of awe, seeing as I iz a ghost now :D

This. Is. Gorgeous.

I'm a new reader btw, and I'm in love. I have no idea if you're still doing the drawings for sale... Buuuuuut if you are, sometime in the future (when I get my bleepin' Paypal up!) You can expect a request for an Absol (I LOVE Absols. Especially with blue eyes.), Even if you aren't, I hope you read this and know that you've made another person happy because of your beautiful work :)

Best wishes, R.C.

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Aug 23 2015 9:51AM
@ThawingHope: I'm still doing commissions, yep! :D (Hey, I love Absols too! :D)

And thank you very much! C:

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