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Pokemontrainergigi, Jul 21 2014 10:26PM
Ugh Sorry guys, finished this earlier today when I got some time. No idea what happened to the time this week. Uh going to sleep now though so enjoy the page, hopefully I can get more updates going this week? I dunno, at least after this week I can stop waking up at 6AM 4 days a week o.e Maybe proper sleep will motivate me, who knows?

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User's Comments:

Reply Lupasolis, Jul 21 2014 10:33PM
Kiara's eye in the second panel is so...magnetic. I'm just instantly drawn to it, man.

Also Kiara's logic is just flawless. XD

Reply Luigi_96, Jul 21 2014 11:41PM

Reply DemonicHero13, Jul 22 2014 2:25AM
Well as long as you can sleep me I keep falling asleep and not get up till 4 pm

Reply Lady Darkrina, Jul 22 2014 8:00PM
Oh boy.. man Gigi, I hope you feel better soon ^^

Reply Poke'slash, Jul 23 2014 5:28PM
Someone on last page called it Yup, Kiara is clueless sometimes.

Reply 121GWJolt (Guest), Jul 23 2014 8:45PM
EYE have trouble looking away. That thought process. XD

Personally, I find myself motivated to GET sleep, and my focus increases with drowsiness to a degree, but my work is not your work.

I also have found myself unable to stop waking up at 6am since summer vacay started. No matter when I go to sleep, my body wakes me up at 6am.
...Anyone else here that constantly sees 6am?

Reply mapsal313, Jul 24 2014 10:42AM
Hi, I just finished reading through this (as well as emerald), and I'm really astonished by both your creativeness and your awesome art, as well as by the fact you're doing a PMD nuzlocke! I thought something like that would be almost impossible, or at least with a high death count, but I was wrong. Keep this up!

Reply Poke'slash, Jul 24 2014 12:44PM
@mapsal313: I know right? She's doing great! Almost to Dialga and only one death!
(The Cubone didn't actually die ingame, unless I'm mistaken)

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jul 24 2014 1:16PM
@Lupasolis: Don't be drawn too close or you'll blind her :U
@Luigi_96: Just her eye is a Shiny, the rest of her is a normal Vulpix *shot* ;D
@DemonicHero13: naw but that's the thing, I haven't been getting good sleep. My body understands waking up at 6am but not going to sleep at 10pm (it wants to sleep at midnight). So I lose sleep that way :c
@Lady Darkrina: Well last day of waking up early so things are looking hopeful c:
@121GWJolt: Huh that's interesting O: Yeah, drowsiness just makes me lazy to the point where I'll find something mindless to do instead of being productive D:
@mapsal313: Thank you very much! Some parts have been hard while others have been easy XD I'm suprised I got so far with only one death as well! Compared to Emerald, this is a pretty good run (not speaking for the future though, because I have this game all played and I don't want to spoiler the rest ;D)
@Poke'slash: Yep! Kara's still alive as shown on the Team page ;D

Reply Umbreon&Espeon (Guest), Jul 25 2014 5:02AM
Nice Hey, can you actually evolve gigi? If so IT HAS TO BE HEINZ... oh wait no, IT HAS TO BE UMBREON

Reply Ginger (Guest), Jul 26 2014 3:13PM
What does "mrp" stand for? "my ridiculouslysmall pony?"

Reply Derp (Guest), Sep 29 2015 2:12AM
@Ginger: We're guessing so

Reply mapsal313, Jul 27 2014 8:29AM

You're welcome! By the way, something funny: in my Pearl Nuzlocke, I named my female Staravia Stella, for the same reason as you.

Reply hellfire14, Sep 25 2014 12:35PM
Wow...I've got a lot of catching up to do. XD

Reply Ginger (Guest), Mar 3 2016 2:38PM
the last two panels make me laugh so much

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