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Aug 13 2014 11:23AM Average Rating: 5.00
Playing Viva Pinata TIP last night, very fun. Though I also get the urge to make a Pokemon themed garden XD
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Pokemontrainergigi, Aug 13 2014 11:46AM
Guiz I'm so proud of us For 7+ months no one noticed the comic count inexplicably jumped up by 100 between pages 339 and "440". I've corrected the error and all pages are properly numbered now. |D

In other news, I found out a way to make those action lines. Apparently it's a default paste-able shape in PS that I never saw |D

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User's Comments:

Reply Luigi_96, Aug 13 2014 12:00PM
dat face though

Reply Axies, Aug 13 2014 12:07PM
Should have had it jump a few hundred more, see if anyone would notice when it was page 1385.

Reply MischievousMew, Aug 13 2014 12:10PM
hrmmm, i'm trying to tell if he got her on the leg or if he mostly missed and the attack is so strong that you dont even want to be within 5ft of it's landing point

Reply Mebbar (Guest), Aug 13 2014 1:29PM
Hey the new run is Y, right? What other region besides Hoenn could you get Absol?

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Aug 13 2014 2:15PM
@Mebbar: The third run hasn't been confirmed. Her Absol is not based on any gameplay, he's just a part the team of Pokemon she had before she lost her memory.

Reply efml2005 (Guest), Aug 13 2014 4:41PM
All in favour of kicking Dusknoir off the cliff and yelling "THIS. IS. POKEMON!!!!"?

Reply Derp (Guest), Sep 29 2015 2:43AM

Reply 3jaustin, Aug 13 2014 6:56PM
@efml2005: Depends on what happens, but I'm leaning towards yes right now.

Reply MasterPlan1300, Aug 13 2014 8:02PM
I noticed it, but I thought that was the total number of pages in the entire comic (Emerald+Sky) I never bothered to check xD

Reply Lady Darkrina, Aug 14 2014 12:10PM
Lol and now she pays with a shadow ball~

Reply Dino (Guest), Aug 15 2014 4:30AM
@Luigi_96: I like the new picture

Reply Mango Dolphin, Aug 15 2014 1:23PM
Viva Pinata is awesome.

Reply PkMn Trainer Nyra (Guest), Aug 15 2014 1:59PM
@efml2005: YES!

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Aug 15 2014 3:01PM
@Luigi_96: ur face (nice avatar c: )
@Axies: Haha, yeah XD
@MischievousMew: You'll find out next page ;D (which is up =P)
@efml2005, @3jaustin, : But he's a ghost so he could float right back up D:
@MasterPlan1300: Oh haha, that makes sense XD)
@Mango Dolphin: Heck yeah! :D

Reply efml2005 (Guest), Aug 15 2014 11:00PM
@Pokemontrainergigi: That won't stop me from kicking the evil ghost pokemon.

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