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Aug 31 2014 1:19AM Average Rating: 5.00
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Pokemontrainergigi, Aug 31 2014 1:19AM
going to sleep but... I meant to put this up yesterday but I was playing games/watching LotR: Two Towers so I forgot |D So I'll put this up now and if I get a page done that was suppose to be for today you'll get another "two page" day but I'll move this back to the 30th.

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User's Comments:

Reply DaringDestiny, Aug 31 2014 1:27AM
I'm very intrigued about what's happening right now

Reply gothaman1, Aug 31 2014 3:17AM
time is changing...

Reply Luigi_96, Aug 31 2014 5:58AM
This really doesn't look good...

Reply Epsog (Guest), Aug 31 2014 8:13AM
The time and space destruccion have begun and nothing will left, ┬┐Will Gigi also disappear or she may find a way to escape this obliteration?

Reply The_A_gamer (Guest), Aug 31 2014 9:59AM
Oooh Here comes third run...

Reply Lady Darkrina, Aug 31 2014 10:48AM
Oooh, I'm loving how the history change is taking place ^^

Reply 3jaustin, Aug 31 2014 11:59AM
You're running out of time! Hurry before it's too late!!!

Reply Wolfsubzero, Aug 31 2014 1:02PM
I love the effects on this page.

Reply WhiteFang (Guest), Aug 31 2014 4:01PM
Mmmmaybe, but only maybe, because dusknoir came back to a future the time is already distorting?

Reply Poke'slash, Sep 1 2014 2:24AM
Theory time! So, I'm guessing that while Gigi was taking the role of Grovyle in this, Kiara and Ginkgo go and save time, and that's why Dusknoir is in a bit of a tight spot right now.
As for in-game, IDK, maybe you lost the battle?

Reply Ginger (Guest), Sep 1 2014 9:49AM
@Poke'slash: But hey, that's just a theory, a game theory. Thanks for watching.

Reply Poke'slash, Sep 1 2014 2:25PM
@Ginger: *slow clap*

Reply Derp (Guest), Sep 29 2015 2:55AM
IT'S ARCEUS!!!!!!! I tell, you it's ARCEUSSSSSSSS!!!

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