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Sep 5 2014 10:56PM Average Rating: 3.00
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Pokemontrainergigi, Sep 5 2014 10:59PM
ohai Minecraft: Xbox One came out today so have this page *flies away*

Advertisement, Nov 14 2019 9:26PM

User's Comments:

Reply Zeldafan2000, Sep 5 2014 11:29PM
Holy Crap!... ...First! Also, nice job. zit sucks that you lost, but i'm still really liking it. Woo seeing 3rd run soon!

Reply Luigi_96, Sep 6 2014 12:35AM

Reply XlvMckaydvlX, Sep 6 2014 8:56AM
@Luigi_96: Alone. Aloooone. Aloone. Aloooooooone.

Reply efml2005 (Guest), Sep 6 2014 3:13AM
Maybe the nice disembodied voice will give Gigi (The Eevee) a map.

Reply ScottishWolf, Sep 6 2014 5:18AM
Brake the floor!

Reply spudwalt (Guest), Sep 6 2014 11:22AM
"Okay. Is there a lost and found box I can put myself into?"

Reply Poke'slash, Sep 6 2014 1:48PM
*goes back a few pages and reads comment* A double April Fool's! :o The only fake thing was the ending. I wish you luck in your next Nuzlocke!

Reply 121GWJolt (Guest), Sep 6 2014 6:18PM
I am... Captain Obvious. I'm also... out of... breath from... running here.

Well, then. What deity is gonna mess with our heroine's life THIS time?

Reply Derp (Guest), Sep 29 2015 3:03AM
I TELL YOU IT'S MY MOM-DAD-ARCEUS-HOMO PARENT-WHATEVER!! Also sorry for the overdose of capital letters. The exams always give me CAPITAL-O-DISEASIA.

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