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Sep 20 2014 8:11PM Average Rating: 5.00
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Author's Comments:

Pokemontrainergigi, Sep 20 2014 8:11PM
Yay~ "You're unique, just like everybody else."

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User's Comments:

Reply Mujaffa, Sep 20 2014 8:21PM
Pohemon? not sure if typo or it's the font doing it ._.'

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Sep 20 2014 8:37PM
@Mujaffa: I might have to change Arceus's font. This is the second complaint of readability I've gotten D: And it looked like such a good font too, oh well. I got 200 more I can try c:

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Sep 20 2014 8:48PM
@Mujaffa: Okay updated the font~

Reply Takai, Sep 21 2014 4:01AM
@Pokemontrainergigi: Pffft I liked that font on the previous page. Someone needs glasses!

Reply Guest, Sep 21 2014 7:15AM
@Takai: I think so, too. The font suited Arceus! C;

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Sep 21 2014 11:25AM
@Takai: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM okay I'll change the font back XD Maybe I'll just make the Ks more apparent with editing~

Reply Ziliath, Sep 20 2014 9:50PM
wow, what a putdown....

Reply Luigi_96, Sep 20 2014 10:34PM
"And when everyone's super... No one will be."

Reply Lupasolis, Sep 20 2014 11:01PM
@Luigi_96: Nice XD

Reply Killerat, Sep 20 2014 11:30PM
Awwww... Gigi looks so scared! :'(

Reply DaWubber (Guest), Sep 21 2014 1:28AM
It is because one is ordinary that allows one to do extraordinary things.

Reply ScottishWolf, Sep 21 2014 7:13AM
arceus, god of douchebaggery and being a total ***

Reply Elric (Guest), Sep 21 2014 7:14AM
Arceus >:( Come on, Arceus! Gigi just wanted to help! >:(

Reply PkMn Trainer Nyra (Guest), Sep 21 2014 7:17AM
It's times like these I want to punch Arceus in the face.

Reply WhiteFang (Guest), Sep 21 2014 7:47AM
You know, arc, I may be special or not, but when someone is asking me for help I'm doing my best to help him...

Reply sakohju, Sep 21 2014 12:07PM
This Arceus sure knows how to boost self-esteem. XD

Reply Meta-Akira, Sep 21 2014 1:19PM
I foresee this not being Arceus but another Pokemon important in the PMD2 aftergame. uvu

Reply WhiteFang (Guest), Sep 22 2014 3:50AM
@Meta-Akira: Damn, you may be right! :O What if this is not arceus but...darkrai!? D:

Reply theawesomeeevee (Guest), Sep 21 2014 3:17PM
damn it gigi why did u have too loss also how did u lose ? did pse to dusknoir or dilga or something?

Reply Guest, Sep 21 2014 3:18PM
@theawesomeeevee: also ur such a troll and i love it

Reply WhiteFang (Guest), Sep 22 2014 3:52AM
@theawesomeeevee: Gigi explained it already: she lost to kabuto and omastars 'coz of eevee's horribly weak def. :C

Reply Efml2005 (Guest), Sep 21 2014 4:27PM
Well, cross getting complemented by a pok├Ęgod off your bucket list... I think...

Reply DracheLehre, Sep 22 2014 9:46AM
Me: Here Arceus, have a Snickers.

Arceus: For what reason, mortal?

Me: You become kind of an asshole when you're hungry...


Reply The_A_Gamer (Guest), Sep 22 2014 10:12AM
"There is no prophecy.. . I Maid it up." Looks like Gigi isn't the special either!

Reply derpherp (Guest), Sep 22 2014 11:43AM
you say she is not special and she is mediocre, Arceus, yet you waste your time talking to her :3 now i'm sure she is special and she is not mediocre

DA says you birthday is tommorow, so happy early birthday Gigi :D (because i'm not sure if i will be here tommorow xD)

Reply Naya, Sep 22 2014 12:31PM
Way to be a dick Arceus.

Someone otta trap you in a tinny containment sphere and then lock you in a computer for all eternity. Or until the internal battery runs out.

Reply Aragorn199, Sep 24 2014 9:08PM
Man, Arceus is a dick.

Reply Derp (Guest), Sep 29 2015 3:18AM
@everyone who calls my mom a dick: Well, can't argue with your logic. Also I hate when my mom gets all cockblock on mortals. That's just plain bitch.

Reply Derp (Guest), Sep 29 2015 3:21AM
Also! If you think THIS is bad, try living in the same place as mom since the first nautilus. It does NOT feel good to be in a billion mile radius of a bitchin god who is also your mom and a pain in the ass.

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