Harbingers of Revelation: A White Nuzlocke

Jan 4 2015 11:00AM Average Rating: 4.50
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Pokemontrainergigi, Jan 3 2015 9:22PM
Welcome back and Happy New Year everyone! It's been too long! But I assure you the preparation time was worth it and I hope you enjoy <3 The final run for this game will be a Randomizer White Run. The rules page will be posted on Tuesday and will explain more about what was changed in the game.

Also there's a twist! I want to give a HUGE thanks to Lupasolis and Haunshaul for helping with the gameplay! This run is not only a randomizer but a "Double-and-a-half-locke" as well! I did the gameplay for everyone's favorite amnesiac trainer (who ISN'T losing her memory this run I promise!), Lupasolis did the gameplay for our mystery character on the right, and Haunshaul, who was busy with his own life and comic couldn't do a full run, but did participate with control of N of which I'll expand upon on the rules page ;D

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Pokemontrainergigi, Jan 3 2015 10:16PM
Cameo notice Calm yourselves but cameos are back--but they work differently! Please read this thread on PXR for more information. C:

User's Comments:

Reply BhevHD, Jan 4 2015 11:16AM
That character on the right looks like a slightly more feminine version of Cheren... or is that just me? xD

Reply Drizzt123, Jan 4 2015 12:05PM
@BhevHD: it does look a bit like Cheren, and does look a bit feminine, so... It's not just you

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jan 4 2015 12:14PM
@BhevHD: *stares* Well didn't see that until now |D Toooooootally unintentional. XD

Reply Chikouu, Jan 4 2015 12:43PM
Aaaah I have looked forward to this for so long :D

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jan 5 2015 5:43PM
@Chikouu: Thank you! :D

Reply Luigi_96, Jan 4 2015 2:01PM
Oh hey it's Pokemon White.

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jan 5 2015 5:43PM
@Luigi_96: Yep C:

Reply Cherry the Puffball, Jan 4 2015 2:35PM
So wait, if it's white, will the story change? What about the sequel?

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jan 5 2015 5:44PM
@Cherry the Puffball: Yes, I changed a lot! This is the last comic in Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs so I'm not doing the sequel. I originally was going to do BW2 but couldn't get it to work. :C

Reply Foxblaze, Jan 4 2015 2:43PM
Oooooooooh this looks awesome! Cool new banner too~ (And I definitely have to finish my new ref of my trainer then!)

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jan 5 2015 5:45PM
@Foxblaze: Thank you x2! :D

Reply Chelvo, Jan 4 2015 4:26PM
I'm looking forward to see how deep this rabbit hole goes!

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jan 5 2015 5:45PM
@Chelvo: Hehe, well I hope you'll enjoy! :D

Reply derpherp (Guest), Jan 4 2015 9:14PM

Reply DAYMAN (Guest), Jan 4 2015 10:06PM
Whats a randomized nuzlocke? Actually, whats a nuzlocke? I feel stupid :|

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jan 5 2015 5:49PM
@DAYMAN: The rules page being posted tomorrow should explain more. But basically a Nuzlocke is when you play the game with the two rules of faint=death and you can only catch the first Pokemon you encounter on a route. Randomizer just means the Pokemon I'll encounter have been randomized from the base game.

Reply Jedij2 (Guest), Jan 5 2015 5:21PM
Meep Yay a new page! I found this series a month ago and have been reading the entirety of the emerald and sky plotlines in the loooooong weeks before Christmas (Christmas eve is the longest day of the year). As of now I have read the whole thing and am waiting for the new series to really start. I look forward to seeing the new series and hoping to join the growing army of regular commenters. though my responses might be delayed as I can only post comments from the computers at the local library.
(also, to those who might be confused as to my comment title, "Meep" is my catch-word. some people need a whole phrase, I can do it in one word.)
BTW, I wonder how Gigi is going to react to being a trainer again after being a Pokémon for so long.

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jan 5 2015 5:50PM
@Jedij2: Thank you very much! :D We'll see C:

Reply Florocita (Guest), Jan 6 2015 11:01AM
Ahh, I didn't realise the cover was out... Anyway, White, huh? I've only played Black and White 2 since I have this obsession with Reshiram, but I do like Zekrom too. uwu

I love the Unova region and it's games (even though the region's format itself is pretty plain :T) and double-y so when it's a randomized Nuzlocke! c: I can't wait to see where you go with this. Also, brilliant art as usual. uwu

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jan 8 2015 1:04PM
@Florocita: Thank you! C:
I got White when I first got the games because I thought that one had Reshiram. Thankfully a friend of mine got Black for the opposite reason so we traded and everything was fine XD

Reply EmilyAnnCoons, Feb 3 2015 5:54AM
Yay! The comic continues finally -forgot to check till just now- and Gigi is looking really sexy in that strapless shirt <3

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