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Pokemontrainergigi, Jan 3 2015 9:57PM
Rules ~ Nothing special about the rules here, those are the rules Lupasolis and I followed. The gameplay was randomized with this randomizer if you would like to randomize your game as well. Just a note IT IS A LOT HARDER. I'm ashamed to admit it took me 3-5 tries to even get the run started. It adds a whole new level of difficulty when you don't know what trainers or gym leaders will have, much less wild Pokemon. o-o"

Haunshaul on the other hand, as he was not able to do a full run, had different "rules". To form his team he was able to choose from all the Pokemon that appeared in rival battles (as rivals changed their team each time EXCEPT for their starter). He chose his team's movesets, nicknames, and genders. Natures were randomized. He could only choose moves his Pokemon could legally learn.

His Pokemon then each rolled for their death.

The percent chance of death was based on the death's in Lupasolis and my run's. Example: if we both had caught a total of 10 Pokemon and between us had 3 deaths, then each of Haunshaul's Pokemon would have a 30% chance to die.

We replayed rival battles between ourselves using our teams at that time in an online battle simulator. Major events in the original in-game rival battles (deaths, evolutions, new moves, etc) were added and used.

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User's Comments:

Reply ScottishWolf, Jan 6 2015 11:36AM
Run three here we go!

Reply Luigi_96, Jan 6 2015 1:36PM
Sounds interesting.

Reply Zelkova, Jan 6 2015 3:41PM
I personally dislike randomize Nuclokes. My first one had me killed on route 1 by Sonic Boom which is an attack that guarantees 20 damage which at that level range was outright overpowered for example. Hopefully you had better luck then me. If nothing else it should be more entertaining to watch then to actually push your luck and do.

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jan 8 2015 1:07PM
@Zelkova: Ouch D: Yeah randomization definitely ups the difficulty.

Reply Syogren, Jan 6 2015 7:49PM
God this sounds intense.

Hopefully it turned out well. Can't wait to see how you're going to adapt this into your stories.

At this point it's sorta becoming more than just a nuzloke, huh?

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jan 8 2015 1:09PM
@Syogren: Thank you C: And I do believe it is. I find it harder and harder to craft the story I want while having to remain in the constraints of the gameplay. Which is both good and bad XD

Reply DaWubber (Guest), Jan 7 2015 1:06AM
The hype!!! It cannot be contained!!!

Reply DaWubber (Guest), Jan 7 2015 1:19AM
@On a slightly less hype (but still hype!) note, back from your comment in Ch 9 of the 2nd run we know you have/had an Absol and an unknown fire type.

Reply Dragon Master, Feb 21 2015 6:54PM
...sorry. DBZ Abridged is in my blood.

Reply WinterDragon, Jan 7 2015 1:17AM
Hey Gigi,

On your cameo thread, I've posted my character on it!
I hope it'll will come in the comic once :D

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jan 8 2015 1:09PM
@WinterDragon: Yep, I saw your post! C:

Reply Ginger (Guest), Jan 7 2015 8:30AM
@Pokemontrainergigi: are you also going to be incorporating the Pinwheel clause? (that's the rule where if one area has two seperate catch lists for different areas, i.e. inside and outside Pinwheel forest, you can catch one in each area)

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jan 8 2015 1:10PM
@Ginger: Do people specifically consider that a clause? I always have thought they were treated as different areas. So to answer your question, yes.

Reply Cureal, Jan 8 2015 12:27AM
Oh I am excited for this!

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