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Pokemontrainergigi, Mar 23 2015 2:21PM
The battle begins! I think one of the coolest Pokemon episodes when I was a kid was when Ash was fighting Sabrina and her Kadabra turned Pikachu's electric attacks into a dragon =P

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User's Comments:

Reply SilverGamer56, Mar 25 2015 11:11AM
So is Volcarona gonna use the Dragon Pulse against Hydreigon?

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Mar 25 2015 2:26PM
@SilverGamer56: Looks like it =P

Reply Takai, Mar 25 2015 12:57PM
@Pokemontrainergigi: Ash sucks. Pikachu sucks.

Reply Critic, Mar 25 2015 1:30PM
In what universe are you in? Ash's Pikachu beat a Mega Lucario, which is in the Ubers tier (If you're into competitive battling.) Pikachu also took down several legendaries, has won against his evolve form and Ground-types many times... Shall I go on?

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Mar 25 2015 2:30PM
@Critic: I'm betting Takai's more going for they suck in a preference sense, not a power/ability sense.

Reply EmilyAnnCoons, Mar 25 2015 2:47PM
@Critic: He also gets taken down by low level Pokemon easily when the story calls for it (Black and White episode 1). Loses against said evolved forms of himself on multiple occasions, only to suddenly have the strength to beat them without any training in between. Ash never catches any Pokemon after the first few episodes, so by episode 15, you pretty much know his team. He's only evolved his whole team in one season (Diamond and Pearl). Pikachu and Ash are a plot device. If the show needs Ash to lose? He'll lose for completely bull reasons. But if the story calls for Ash to win? He'll win with flying colors for no reason. They don't keep any standards on the power of Ash or his team. It'd be nice to see Ash getting better and stronger and defeating enemies he hasn't been able to beat before, but instead he keeps fighting the same basic things and losing against them for no reason only to "overcome them" later in the same episode.

Reply Jedi-J2 (Guest), Mar 25 2015 3:40PM
@EmilyAnnCoons: His Charizard has been epic for awhile now though. (i think it's equal level with mine by now.)

Reply Highguy (Guest), Mar 25 2015 6:08PM
@EmilyAnnCoons: In the show, levels are irrelevant. All it comes down to is skill and power. It still was complete bull that Pikachu lost to that snivy. And that pidove.

Reply EmilyAnnCoons, Mar 25 2015 7:11PM
@Jedi-J2: Yes, in every adventure he has one or two Pokemon that evolve, but never his whole team. In Diamond and Pearl, I think his only unevolved pokemon at the end was Pikachu.

@Highguy: It really is. His Pikachu is level 100 by now at least, and even though levels are irrelevant, it's still ridiculous that he loses against enemies that he shouldn't even bat an eye at. When his pokemon lose to weak Pokemon, it's not a big deal, because he's training them. When Pikachu, who has gone through what... 7 regions now? Loses to low level Pokemon... that's complete bull and the writers know it but don't care. That's why I don't watch the anime anymore.

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Mar 25 2015 2:28PM
@Takai: Yeah but when you're a kid and you first see the show they're the best. Now, not so much XD

Reply SilverEspeonEsper, Mar 25 2015 2:51PM
@Takai: I used to agree with you, but then I remembered that Ash was one of the top sixteen best trainers in the Kanto League, and in every League after that he never went below top eight.

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Mar 25 2015 3:06PM
@SilverEspeonEsper: But that never amounts to anything. More than often with the region restarts he goes back to being terrible. (EmilyAnnCoons put it more eloquently above).

Reply Lady Darkrina, Mar 25 2015 1:03PM
Lol, this Volcarona could sure win a contest ^^

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Mar 25 2015 2:32PM
@Lady Darkrina: Contests are the best /o/

Reply Lady Darkrina, Mar 26 2015 9:29AM
@Pokemontrainergigi: Heh heh I totally agree~

Reply Dragon Master, Mar 26 2015 3:09PM
Nice use of Psychic. I'll give the anime credit, some strategies are pretty good.

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Mar 26 2015 9:47PM
@Dragon Master: Mhm! C:

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