EXTRA LIFE 2015! :D | Nov 4 2015 8:44PM

Hey everyone! Just a heads up that this Saturday, at around 11AM EST, me and my good friends Haunshaul, Lupasolis, and Rivcca are going to be streaming for Extra Life! What is Extra Life you ask? Well, quite simply, it is a charity event to raise money for children in hospitals across the United States! We'll be playing video games for 24 hours straight to help raise awareness, and we'll be taking donations for Extra Life up to, during, and after the event.

On Saturday at 11AM EST, you can view all our streams and a collective chat here! Come join the party at any time from then until Sunday! You can donate early to the cause here if you want. Thank you so much! :D

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Reply bluefiredragon, Nov 5 2015 9:52AM
Do we get a say in any video games you play? Cos I've got six classic NES games in mind... XD


Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Nov 5 2015 4:41PM
@bluefiredragon: Yes and no, but mainly no. Main reason is I'm in a year long gaming competition (with an elimination period in the middle of Extra Life, scoring based on Xbox Achievements) so I want to make sure I stay in that! Though I may take suggestions from a finite list, but I'll only be playing games I own since I have a HUGE backlog. Don't want to get into the issue of downloading/purchasing games midstream either.

Reply bluefiredragon, Nov 5 2015 6:07PM
@Pokemontrainergigi: I was thinking something along the lines of "online emulator", but I wouldn't deny you the competition...

Fine, I'll admit the first game I thought when you said videogames was "Mega Man!" I love the series as a whole, even thought I'm only 12...

Reply Dragon Master, Nov 6 2015 9:22AM
Well, might as well try to drop in!
*EDIT* Mkay, now to play the waiting game.
*pulls out a DS game labeled WAIT*

Reply Haunshaul, Nov 6 2015 4:01PM
@Dragon Master: I prefer WAIT 2: Impatient Boogaloo.

Reply Dragon Master (logged out someho (Guest), Nov 6 2015 7:24PM
@Haunshaul: I should have expected that from you.

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