Poll for fate extra comics! | May 30 2015 6:30PM

Hey everyone! As you might be aware, my current plan for extra comics is I release them, let them sit in the main comic section for a month or so, and then move them to the Extras page.
-Extras are in their own gallery
-All on one page
-Extras don't spoil future events or take up the spot of the "latest page" despite not being the latest page
-Comments get lost
-The Extras page takes a bit to load now
-Some people might prefer the in-comic format

The main reason I did this was for the third pro point. There's two main places I can put extras: before or after the comic. Before means it can spoil future events/characters. While after means (for the current comic) it will take up the spot of the "last page" button.

I'm not doing an automated poll because I'd like to see people's opinions on their choice. So there's a few choices here:
-I treat extra pages the same as I always have
-Move extra page back into the comic:
---Have them at the beginning, after the title page, before the chapters
---Have them at the end, after the chapters
-Something else!?

Comment with your opinions please and thank you! :D

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Reply The_White_Shadow, May 31 2015 1:36AM
You could, and this is just a thought and theory mind you, but you could take the code from the original comics page and with some editing to the connections of the smackjeeves site and make an extras comic page. Once again not exactly sure of the specifics but it in theory is plausible.

Anyway that's my 2 cents.

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, May 31 2015 8:52PM
@The_White_Shadow: I like your thinking, but sadly it can't be so D:
Comments are stored in a database I do not have access to. While I could copy nearly everything else about the comic pages, the comments (the main reason for keeping them in one place or another) wouldn't be kept or work. D:

Reply 121GWJolt (Guest), Jun 1 2015 11:11PM
This is just a theory, but.... EDIT: nvm previous text. Tablet won't let me delete this, though. >.<

Reply Jhojji, Jul 3 2015 6:33AM
Could you release the extras as their own, seperate comic? So there all in one place, you won't lose comments and can keep adding to them? If this is a deroy comment I'm sorry, In new to this site :P

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jul 3 2015 10:52AM
@Jhojji Sorry for the confusion, but this is old news. I've already dealt with the extra comics (put them back in the main comics section).

But to comment your suggestion, that would probably be more confusing. People already had trouble figuring out the jump between Sky and Emerald when those were two different sites, so I'd imagine there'd be trouble like that making two different sites for it.

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