Question I forgot to ask... | Jul 12 2015 9:08PM

THANK YOU FOR THE FEEDBACK EVERYONE! I'm going to stick to my initial plan and not mass edit the comic C: I'll be leaving the original post here for people that are curious:

Right so I had a question in regards to thoughts I had during Sky and meant to ask closer to the start of Harbingers of Revelation...and then I forgot about it until now.

BUT THIS QUESTION IS KINDA SPOILERY. I just want to warn people that want a spoiler free experience. This would be revealed in a few pages, though. So read on if you wish.

Good? Okay.

Gigi's name isn't Gigi. My name is Gigi.

When I played Emerald I input the character's name in-game as "Gigi", because that's me, I'm the one playing the game. Completely glossed over this when starting the comic and definitely didn't use the character's actual name. Figured it wasn't a huge deal and I'd fix it in the second run.

...where she lost her memory again. So I erred on the side of logic and didn't have her remember her name. I probably could have fixed it, but I didn't even consider it.

So it's finally going to be fixed in the third run. BUT I had a thought back in Sky that I could just edit the entire comic to fix the name issue. Basically, I'd replace every instance of her name with her actual name. There might be some confusion for long time readers at first, but in the long run I feel like it might be better?

So my main reasons to wanting to edit the whole comic:
-I'm NOT the character! There are so many times I can't tell if a comment is directed at me, the character, or both. And I'm definitely sure there are people who think the character is a self-insert--which she's not.
-Sudden change: I'm changing her name 2/3 of the way through. While either solution will have this, one will have new readers hitting this change every time. I don't know about you, but I find it very odd to have the main character change names.

That being said, I did an unofficial ask ages ago and quite a few people were fine with a reveal vs a fix. So I want to leave the options open!

So TL;DR do I edit Gigi's name to be correct throughout the comic (which I have NO problem taking the time to do) or do I stick to my plan of being like "ermahgerd she remembered her name"?

If I do edit every instance of her name, I'll make a post giving people the heads up.

(thank you for liking this mess of a comic...seriously, I love all of you <3)

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Reply troblsomtwins829, Jul 12 2015 9:29PM
I like the idea of a reveal. the previous two runs would be like her hiding her identity or simply choosing some kind of nickname for herself that'd be easy to remember.

Be the actual name her remembering or simply listed on the medical documentation seems like a much better take on that story. that and the later seems much more likely
(i mean come on, after losing your memory twice and living with the name "gigi" there's not much chance you'd really know your actual name)

Reply Takai, Jul 12 2015 9:29PM
~pouts~ you should be the character.

But a correction sounds good.

Reply Haunshaul, Jul 13 2015 12:11AM
Wait... you're Gigi?

Reply Zelkova, Jul 13 2015 9:27AM
Would be kinda funny that she would be given a nickname (Yellow) that got stuck but end up being her real (awful) name.

Your comic, do whatever you want but personally I hate the idea of changing old mistakes. Change the canon if you want but there have been many series/comics/anime/games that change stuff and just so happen to be unable to go back and change the older media to reflect that but still work out pretty well. Daggerfall had better lore then Morrowind imo but at this point even though Daggerfall came first it is pretty much not canon or seen as a huge joke for example.

Your past mistakes would only show you are taking your series more seriously now.

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Jul 13 2015 11:23AM
@Haunshaul: I'm Gigi. o3o

Not replying to other people just because I'm waiting to see what the general consensus is. You all make good points and I thank you for your input! C:

Reply Dragon Master, Jul 13 2015 11:25AM
Personally, a reveal could be interesting. But, your comic, your rules.

Reply MoogleSam, Jul 13 2015 1:09PM
I prefer a reveal rather than a correction.

It would confuse the hell out of NEW readers if all the comments are mentioning the name Gigi in reference to the character but that's not the name mentioned in the pages.

Reply Wolfy (Guest), Jul 13 2015 1:15PM
My vote goes for reveal.

Reply spudwalt (Guest), Jul 13 2015 2:32PM
I'd say just go ahead and have her say "Oh hey I remembered my actual name" instead of retconning everything. If you still feel like doing a giant retcon, though, I won't hold it against you.

Reply DracheLehre, Jul 13 2015 6:17PM
I believe in an earlier comic of the Sky saga, that I suggested that you introduce a character who truly is from her past recognizing her and helping her remember at least some pieces of her past, including her name.

Reply Miyto (Guest), Jul 13 2015 6:43PM
I like the idea of a reveal; for the reasons of it fitting better with how pokedex holders were handled in the manga, as well as fitting well with the memory loss.

Reply Jedi-J2 (Guest), Jul 15 2015 10:10AM
I'm against a huge correction, every time I re-read the series it would bug me that it's been changed. Instead of thinking of the character with her new name, she'd always be the-character-who-used-to-be-Gigi. A reveal would be better in that aspect. You may also want to put in a (in universe) reason she's been calling herself Gigi up till now. Even if it's just the person who found her at the beggining of emerald started calling her that or something. That's just my 2 cents though, I'm gonna love this comic and stay till the end no matter what happens.
Edit: Realized AFTER I posted this that she already decided, just gonna leave it up though.

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