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Realized the stupidity of having a cameo thread on an off-site location but not here. ANYWAY If you are a member of Smackjeeves or a Guest with the ability to type out your cameo here, you may ask for one! If you have already posted on PXR you DO NOT need to repost here! You can add or change cameo requests here too though!

Cameos will not be listed on this page though, they will be listed here.

And the rest is copy-pasta'd from PXR:

Okay against my better judgement I'm bringing sexy cameos back. But let me make some things clear. Cameos are a privilege that--if pushed--I will take away again. Please be kind and understand that:
-Submitting here does not guarantee you a cameo, it gives you a chance
-If you want a guaranteed chance, check out my Patreon. This is entirely optional though!
-There's no limit on the number of characters you can submit
-I need a good blend of human and Pokemon cameos
-I need a reference for humans
-No oddly colored Pokemon (ie blue Vulpix, etc), minor adjustments/markings/shinies are fine
-Cameos will be background characters without a speaking role

So yeah that's that~ Mainly I'll be looking for cameos for town/city scenes so instead of wasting brain power on random background peeps I can just throw cameos in there |D Also there's no deadline so feel free to submit before or while the comic is on-going. Obviously the longer you wait, the less chance there will be ;D

Human (with Pokemon) Form:
Human Reference:
Extra Notes:

Pokemon Form:
Reference (optional):
Extra Notes:

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Reply Normal Reader Dude, Sep 13 2015 10:21PM
Hi Gigi! Entry One:
Name: Brad
Gender: Male
Species: Riolou
Extra Notes: My starter pokemon in PMD: Sky.

Entry Two:
Name: Canoa
Gender: Male
Species: Piplup
Extra Notes: My parter pokemon in PMD: Sky.

If you can fit them both in, the best case scenario would be with them together, but that's asking for A LOT (I think?), so only Brad the Riolou is an ok compromise for me.

Boy, how nice would this cameo have been if I had started reading the comic DURING you PMD: Sky run...

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Sep 13 2015 11:39PM
@Normal Reader Dude: Added to the list! C:

Reply starrysky789, Sep 14 2015 10:44PM
ok, here's some stuff:

Name: Lapis
gender: female
human ref: trainer? I don't really know what I'm supposed to put in here, sorry
Partner: Lief, male sceptile
Extra notes: blue hair? Is that important?

Name: Aqua
Gender: male
Species: mudkip
Extra Notes: often wears a scarf(but not really necessary, I just doodle him with a scarf a lot)
Also sorry about all the uncertainty.

Reply Haunshaul, Sep 15 2015 3:00AM
Gavin. Geoff. Ray. Michael. Ryan. Jack. Lindsay. Do it. Do it Gigi.

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Sep 15 2015 7:24PM
@starrysky789: Added to the list! C:

@Haunshaul: Added to the list! c:

Reply Hykura, Sep 16 2015 11:35AM
Hey!~ Human (with Pokemon) Form:
Name: Rachel
Gender: Female
Human Reference:
Partner/Team: Eevee, Shinx
Extra Notes: If you could, can you have Sara and Rachel Travelling together?

Human (with Pokemon) Form:
Name: Sara
Gender: Female
Human Reference:
Partner/Team: Riolu
Extra Notes: Same as above ^^

Pokemon Form:
Name: Hiku
Gender: Female
Species: Eevee
Reference (optional):
Extra Notes: Rachel's Eevee.

Pokemon Form:
Name: Luna
Gender: Female
Species: Riolu
Reference (optional):
Extra Notes: Sara's Riolu

Pokemon Form:
Name: Korinku
Gender: Male
Species: Shinx
Reference (optional):
Extra Notes: No black chest. Rachel's Shinx.

Sorry for the large amount ^^;. It'd be great to see them though.

Reply SkyDrops96, Sep 16 2015 1:44PM
Hi Gigi!

Name: Mimi
Human Reference: looks like Dawn from pokémon Diamond/Pearl, but without the hat.
Partner/Team: James the prinplup.
Extra Notes: she's a really happy person?

Name: James
Gender: male
Species: prinplup
Reference (optional): -
Extra Notes: He's easily annoyed by Mimi being happy/incredibly dumb.

Reply LouLouBaBa, Sep 16 2015 1:54PM
Helllo~ Human (with Pokemon) Form:
Name: Saskia
Gender: Female
Human Reference:about 10st (if you need her body type), flat chested. Muddy mountain boots. Black, baggy walking trousers and a navy hoodie (cause you know, there's a mountain in Sinnoh xD) Crazy curly muddy blond hair and blue eyes.
Partner/Team: Most careful/agitated Shinx
Extra Notes: My character from my Diamond run (if I ever get round to drawing it)

Pokemon Form:
Name: Xan
Gender: Male
Species: Shinx
Reference (optional):
Extra Notes: Nothing special about him execpt he's the biggest coward ever (his nature is careful and sturdy body) ~ Maybe thats why he's my longest living pokemon in the run xD

Reply Zelkova, Sep 18 2015 4:19PM
Name: Chomp Chomp (or just Chomp for short)
Gender: Male
Species: Charmander
Reference (optional): just a normal Charmander with slightly larger and sharper teeth.
Extra Notes: Name is a reference to a Mario enemy and honestly I just like to see more Charmanders. I don't care if he is part of a team or "wild" but a tamed town living Charmander. Beside I think a sweet Charmander with a scary face could create a funny reaction or moment. Feel free to use or not.

Reply X_Savier, Sep 18 2015 5:04PM
Hi gigi! First of all your comic is pretty funny and well drawn well here are my entries

Number 1

Name: X
Gender: male
Species: Charmander
Reference (optional): my first masca drawing (not submitted is a school assignment) and possible protagonist for a comic
Extra Notes: wears a red choice scarf with the alpha symbol on it (my comic team symbol)

Number 2
Name: Bulb
Gender: male
Species: Bulbasaur
Reference (optional): my partner in PMD sky
Extra Notes: wears a red choice scarf with the alpha symbol on it (my comic team symbol)

Reply Foxblaze, Sep 19 2015 1:16AM
Human (with Pokemon) Form:

Name: Melody

Gender: Female

Human Reference:

Partner/Team: Dragonair (Aurora)
- She also has other pokemon but none of them have references yet. It'll probably be better to stick to one anyways X3c

Extra Notes: The white band on her left knee is covering an injury from her childhood where she ran into a pack of wild Arcanine, and one of them used Fire Fang on her. She has knee problems because of this and can't walk too long and instead usually flies on her Talonflame or Altaria (which is why she has goggles), but she tries not to talk about it or draw too much attention.

Reply Harrison (Guest), Sep 19 2015 9:30AM
Name: Harrison
Gender: Male
Species: Eevee
Ref: (warning, slight diaperfur stuff.)
Extra Notes: Again, slight diaperfur stuff. It's not needed the diaperfur stiff, but if you don't mind, go ahead.

P.S. <3 the comic. I hope you have a DA or an FA account so I can watch you do more of your amazing tale. Or should I say Tail?

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Sep 24 2015 3:20PM
@Everyone Above: Your characters have been added!

@Harrison: Sorry I'm not accepting non-human or non-Pokemon characters. My apologies!

Reply HarrisonButterGem, Sep 24 2015 4:22PM
er... he is an eevee. you could make him feral.

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Sep 24 2015 4:52PM
@HarrisonButterGem: The coloring and anthropomorphic-ness of it threw me off, sorry. I'm not accepting oddly colored Pokemon for cameos, as stated in the guidelines.

And since you're the first person to bring up anthropomorphic Pokemon, it's worth mentioning they would need to be set to one side of the spectrum to cameo (human or Pokemon) since anthropomorphic Pokemon don't fit with the style of the comic, my apologies.

Reply HarrisonButterGem, Sep 24 2015 4:54PM
@Pokemontrainergigi: eh. have a nice day.

Reply Maka152 (Guest), Sep 25 2015 4:45PM
Hi Gigi! Im not asking much, Im just asking if one of my pokemon in oras can make a appearance. (You decide what to do with her)
Name: Shard
G: Female
Species: Delphox
-She normally wears a black scarf, and runs erends for her trainer a lot because of training lower members.
Name: Abby
G: Female
Species: Human
Team: Shard, Eve, Spark, and Angel
-Has icy blue eyes, and normally trains her lower leveled pokemon with Shard or Eve (the Eevee, no cameo needed) -Cares deeply about her pokemon, and has gone through much in her childhood to make her kind of cold to other humans. (Abby is included if you need a name with Shard) ~The name Abby popped into my head one day while I was booting up my first pokemon game, pokemon black. I have used that name ever sense~

Reply Ianbr3 (Guest), Sep 28 2015 10:23PM
How about a guy thats wearing a rainbow shirt thats selling rainbow shirts.

Reply Pokemontrainergigi, Sep 29 2015 9:30PM
@Everyone Above: Your characters have been added to the list!

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