My Birthday! C: | Sep 23 2015 9:39AM

So first off, have had a busy week and looks like a busy week ahead. Do not know when the next page will be up. Also I did not forget to reply to comments or update the cameo list, but I will when I get a free chance to!

That being said, today is my Birthday so I'll be relaxing XD Usually I'd draw an extra comic for today, was too busy the week before! I had a fun weekend though! On Friday, Lupasolis and I went across the country to visit Haunshaul! :D We went to two concerts (One Eyed Doll and Hollywood Undead) and had a lot of fun. Then I came back Tuesday which was just about 12 hours of travel. C:

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Reply #403, Sep 23 2015 9:53AM
Well ... Happy Birthday!

Reply bluefiredragon, Sep 23 2015 10:37AM
Wow! Awesome! Enjoy your birthday! May your years be long and your beard... darnit never mind.

Reply Dragon Master, Sep 23 2015 4:34PM
Happy birthday!

Reply starrysky789, Sep 23 2015 6:07PM
Happy birthday!!!!! *passes imaginary cake through the fabric of spacetime and the internet*

Reply ScottishWolf, Sep 26 2015 12:11PM
Happy birthday!

Reply Jedi-J2, Oct 1 2015 10:46AM
I missed this post before, so Happy (late) birthday!

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