Hello everyone,

I'll cut to the chase, Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs is getting "rebooted". Some of you may know that for the course of Sky and Harbingers, I've occasionally brought up my thoughts about remaking Emerald, and for the most part I pushed those aside because I'd rather move forward. Well, during the hiatus for planning out Harbingers, I asked Ulti for a review of Sky and recently he got to it (you can see that here if you want). A lot of his points are ones I had already noticed and had issue with. Emerald I absolutely went into with no plan whatsoever and Sky I was only a few chapters ahead gameplay-wise. Which turned it into a massive failure, as I had to cut the comic in half and had to deliver an unsatisfying ending--an ending which effectively made Sky pointless. So, I pushed these thoughts aside for Harbingers, not wanting to just up and end the series, and vowed to make Harbingers the best I could.

But Ulti's comments reminded me of my own thoughts and got me to seriously thinking about rebooting Emerald (and Sky, too). Then it hit me: "reboot" Harbingers. I'll be honest, I'm sick of trying to pick up the pieces of my failure at planning the first two comics. But I want Harbingers of Revelation to be the best story it can be, and I feel it is being held down by my past mistakes. And I can't imagine how many people stopped/will stop at the mess that was Emerald and wouldn't/won't read the rest of it.

So I'm cutting Emerald and Sky from the canon. Harbingers of Revelation will now be its own run. Chapter 1 of Harbingers won't change. But chapter 2 will need to be readjusted, as well as adjustments to the overall script to make these changes. I don't know how long these changes will take, but I'm hoping under a month, if only a week or two. Then, I'll be restarting Chapter 2 and continuing from there.

Somewhere in this time, Harbingers will be moving to its own site and Sky and Emerald will remain here. Those who are subscribed fans on Smackjeeves will need to favorite the new website when I get it up (I'll make a very visible post when I get that all set up). Those who are fans via other ways/sources shouldn't need to worry about a thing.

In regards to Halloween, I'm still going to try to get an extra done for that. It might be a late, with me being busy between then and now but we'll see! Thank you all for watching this massive mess! ;0;

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Reply Haunshaul, Oct 30 2015 11:16PM
Whatever makes Harbingers better is the right thing to do. Here's to five more years of an actually awesome run!


Reply Match (Guest), Oct 31 2015 3:20AM
Endings I read Sky, and never saw such a beautiful comic. I know what's that "weird" thinking the reviewer was talking about. The lack of ending, the being so attached to the characters of the past two Nuzlockes. For me, Sky isn't over yet, and I would really like to see a good ending for such a long story. I was thinking, if I were you, I'd change the ending, and create a whole new 'no canon' one for Sky. Because when I read your comic, and reach the end, I was REALLY dissapointed. I wanted to see Eevee and Kira's emotive goodbye, after all this time together. I wanted to see Dialga's fight to the finish in temporal tower. I wanted to see Grovyle dissapearing, sacrificing himself or whatever, because the ending of Mystery Dungeon Sky is what makes it the best Pokemon game of all the franchise.

Reply Luigi_96, Oct 31 2015 1:15PM
Well, I can't say as I'm generally a fan of reboots, but considering what was said here, I'm okay with this one. I know what it's like to be held back by stupid things you did in the past, so it'll be nice to see the new comic move forward without that burden. Best of luck!

Reply Ultizeta, Oct 31 2015 1:44PM
That seems like a smart move. Certainly a less time consuming one, at the very least.

Reply Zelkova, Oct 31 2015 5:07PM
I always been against redoing your old works as it may only make things confusing for those of us who been here since the start. With that said it really seem like you really, REALLY want to reset what is exactly canon and what is not. Harbingers being it own thing but keeping the past comics as they are is a good way of going about it.

Reply spudwalt (Guest), Nov 2 2015 4:08PM
Fair enough. I'll look forward to the new and improved version!

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